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Restaurante Aramara

Restaurante Aramara

Restaurante Aramara

store rating 99% Excelent
service fee
1,49 €
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Cold Starters

Smoked Sardine Loin (2 Uds.)
With tomato in three textures .
5,80 €
With paprika and crudites
6,00 €
Cold Mango Soup
With salmon roe and beetroot chips
6,00 €
Andalusian Gazpacho
6,00 €
Russian Salad
With bacon and praws
6,90 €
Zucchini Carpaccio
With parmesan cheese, beetroot chips, dates and sesame and curry vinaigrette
8,90 €
Goat Cheese Salad
With candied tomato, cucumber, walnuts and mustard vinaigrette
10,50 €
Foie Shavings
With rocket, roasted apple and black canarian honey
12,90 €
Wagyu Carpaccio
With canons, parmesan cheese, pink pepper and dijon mustard mayonnaise
14,50 €
Iberian Jam (100 G.)
18,00 €

Hot Starters

Mini Spring Rolls
With red canarian mojo
6,00 €
Vegetable Samosas
With curry and sweet chili sauce
6,00 €
Eggplant Battered
With biscuit. with pesto sauce
6,50 €
Chicken Gyozas
With oyster sauce and chia seeds
7,95 €
Duck Gyozas
With hoisin sauce and white sesame
7,95 €
Prawn Gyozas
With red curry sauce, wakame seaweed and black sesame
7,95 €
Grilled Provolone Cheese
With tomato confit and black olive and anchovy paste
8,90 €
Deconstructed Spanish Omelette (Made With Organic Eggs)
With truffle and black salt, accompanied of warm bread
9,95 €
Coquinas Sauteed
With garlic, parsley, white wine and cayenne
11,95 €


Black Pudding
With apple marmalade
5,95 €
Chorizo With Red Wine Sauce
With red wine sauce
5,95 €
Crab With Piquillo Peppers And Txacoli Wine
With piquillo peppers and txacoli wine
6,95 €
Truffle With Black Garlic Mayonnaise
With black garlic mayonnaise
6,95 €

Main Dishes

Chicken Breast
With caramelized onion and spanish sweet wine sauce (px sauce)
13,90 €
Grilled Abanico Iberico (Pork), Painted
With soy and honey. with rocket, parmesan and potatoes
13,90 €
Rice With Boletus And Fresh Foie
13,95 €
Rice With Seasonal Vegetables And Boneless Quail
13,95 €
High Beef Tenderloin
With tandoori and peanut butter sauce
14,90 €
Duck Confit
With fig marmalade
15,90 €
Spaguetti With Scallops And Clams, With Butter, Pepper,Cherry Tomato And Basil
With scallops and clams, with butter, pepper,cherry tomato and basil
18,95 €


With berries marmelade and pistachio
4,50 €
Chocolate Coulant
With vanilla ice cream
4,50 €
Mojito Ice Cream With Seasonal Fruit
4,50 €
Greek Yogurt
With mango marmalade
4,50 €
Rice Pudding With Cinnamon
4,50 €

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