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Absolut Vodka Kurrant 100cl
GHS 147.30
Absolut Vodka 37.5cl
GHS 59.20
Absolut Vodka Citron 100cl
GHS 147.30
Absolut Vodka Mandrin 100cl
GHS 147.30
Absolut Vodka Mango 100cl
GHS 147.30
Absolut Vodka Raspberri 100cl
GHS 147.30
Absolut Vodka Vanilia 100cl
GHS 147.30
Absolut Elyx 100cl
GHS 420.90
Absolut Extrakt 70cl
GHS 110.90
Absolut Vodka 100cl
GHS 138.50
Absolut Vodka 75cl
GHS 103.30


Mumm Champ Cordon 300cl Brut Jeroboam
GHS 2,348.90
Mumm Cordon 150cl Brut Magnum
GHS 1,125.50
Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut 75cl
GHS 571.50
Mumm Cordon Rouge Demi Sec 75cl
GHS 571.50
Mumm Grand Cordon Brut 75cl
GHS 569.70
Mumm Grand Cordon Rose 75cl
GHS 615.20
Mumm Olympe Demi Sec 75cl
GHS 615.20


Cafe De Paris Mango Std Exp 75cl
GHS 73.00
Café De Paris Peach New Pack 75cl
GHS 73.00
Campo Viejo Reserva 2014 75cl
GHS 120.70
Campo Viejo Tempranillo 2017 75cl
GHS 90.70
Jacob's Creek Classic Chardonnay 75cl
GHS 75.40
Jacob's Creek Classic Crisp Rose 75cl
GHS 75.40
Jacob's Creek Classic Merlot 75cl
GHS 75.40
Jacob's Creek Classic Shiraz 75cl
GHS 75.40
Jacob's Creek Double Barrel Shiraz 75cl
GHS 160.70
Jacob's Creek Reserve Shiraz (Lc) 75cl
GHS 111.00
Jacob's Creek Reserve Chardonnay (Ah) 75cl
GHS 111.00


Avion Tequila Anejo 70cl
GHS 403.50
Avion Tequila Reposado 70cl
GHS 341.50
Avion Tequila Silver 70cl
GHS 311.00
Olmeca Tequila Gold 100cl
GHS 199.60
Olmeca Tequila Blanco 100cl
GHS 183.30
Olmeca Tequila Chocolate 75cl
GHS 128.10
Olmeca Tequila Extra Age 100cl
GHS 235.70


Kahlua Liqueur 70cl
GHS 101.20
Kahlua Liqueur 5cl Pet
GHS 104.10


Pastis 51 100cl
GHS 106.80
Pernod 100cl
GHS 117.90
Ricard 100cl
GHS 111.50


Suze Amer 100cl
GHS 66.70


Ballantine's Finest B21 Vap 2-Glass 75cl
GHS 147.00
Ballantine's Finest Whisky 100cl
GHS 173.00
Ballantine's Finest Whisky 100cl
GHS 173.00
Ballantine's Finest Whisky 75cl
GHS 148.10
Ballantine's Finest Whisky 20cl
GHS 40.90
Ballantine's Finest Whisky 37.5cl
GHS 78.40
Ballantine's Finest Whisky 100cl Headset
GHS 173.00
Ballantine's True Music Series Vap 100cl
GHS 165.80
Ballantine's Whisky 12 Yo 100cl
GHS 325.60
Ballantine's Whisky 17yo 70cl
GHS 444.60
Ballantine's Whisky 21yo 70cl
GHS 2,062.00
Ballantine's Whisky 30 Yo 70cl
GHS 5,322.30
Chivas 12yo With 2 Glasses Man-U Vap 75 Cl
GHS 261.10
Chivas 12yo Blended Scotch Whisky 20cl Dropin
GHS 78.50
Chivas 12yo Blended Scotch Whisky 20cl Vap
GHS 78.80
Chivas Regal 12yo Le Tin Vap 100cl
GHS 332.80
Chivas Regal Ultra 25 Yo 70cl
GHS 2,342.30
Chivas Regal Whisky 12 Yo 100cl
GHS 332.80
Chivas Regal Whisky 12 Yo 37.5cl
GHS 146.80
Chivas Regal Whisky 12 Yo 75cl
GHS 261.10
Chivas Regal Whisky 12 Yo 75cl
GHS 261.10
Chivas Regal Whisky 18 Yo 5cl
GHS 40.30
Chivas Regal Whisky 18 Yo 100cl
GHS 733.20
Chivas Regal Whisky Extra 100cl
GHS 419.50
Chivas Regal Whisky Extra 75cl
GHS 275.40
Chivas Xv 75cl
GHS 436.50
Chivas Xv Clear Bottle 75cl
GHS 436.50
Clan Campbell Whisky 75cl
GHS 73.30
Clan Campbell Whisky 100cl
GHS 97.40
Imperial Blue Whisky 9cl
GHS 5.50
Imperial Blue Whisky 37.5 Cl
GHS 23.00
Imperial Blue Whisky 18cl
GHS 11.00
Imperial Blue Whisky 75cl
GHS 44.70
Royal Salute Whisky 21yo 100cl
GHS 1,362.00
Royal Salute Whisky 21yo 70cl
GHS 951.50


Jameson Bb Usa Tumble Glass Pack Vap 75cl
GHS 220.60
Jameson Whiskey 35cl
GHS 96.90
Jameson Whiskey 100cl
GHS 223.90
Jameson Whiskey 100cl Vap
GHS 223.90
Jameson Whiskey 35 Cl
GHS 96.90
Jameson Whiskey 75cl
GHS 189.80
Jameson Whiskey Black Barrel 75cl
GHS 284.90


Beefeater 24 Super Premium Gin 100cl
GHS 249.30
Beefeater Gin 47% 100cl
GHS 156.90
Beefeater Gin 75cl
GHS 117.70
Beefeater Gin 20cl
GHS 34.60
Beefeater Gin 37.5cl
GHS 65.00
Beefeater Pink Strawberry Gin 100cl
GHS 180.90
Inverroche Gin Amber 75cl
GHS 211.60
Inverroche Gin Classic 75cl
GHS 211.60
Inverroche Gin Verdant 5cl
GHS 211.60
Malfy Gin Con Arancia 75cl
GHS 207.00
Malfy Gin Con Limone 75cl
GHS 207.00
Malfy Gin Originale 75cl
GHS 207.00
Malfy Gin Rosa 75cl
GHS 207.00
Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin 50cl
GHS 359.10
Plymouth Gin 70cl
GHS 175.10


Havana Club Rhum 7 Ans 100cl
GHS 291.30
Havana Club 3 Years Old 100cl
GHS 165.90
Havana Club Anejo 15yo 70cl
GHS 540.00
Havana Club Rhum Especial 100cl
GHS 216.60
Havana Club S. De Maestros 70cl
GHS 432.90
Malibu Liqueur 5cl Pet
GHS 6.70
Malibu Liqueur 100cl
GHS 120.30
Malibu Liqueur 70cl
GHS 84.00


Martell Cognac XO 70cl
GHS 2,115.90
Martell Blue Swift 70cl
GHS 683.80
Martell Blue Swift Lum Btl B21 Vap 70cl
GHS 684.00

Single Malt

The Glenlivet 18yo Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl
GHS 825.20
The Glenlivet Founders Reserve 100cl
GHS 392.50
The Glenlivet Whisky 15yo 70cl
GHS 475.50
The Glenlivet Whisky 18yo 70cl
GHS 743.20
The Glenlivet Whisky 21 Yo 70cl
GHS 1,509.60
The Glenlivet Whisky 25 Yo 70cl
GHS 2,717.20


Martell Cognac Vs Single Distillery 100cl
GHS 436.30
Martell Cognac Vs Single Distillery 70cl
GHS 292.90
Martell VS Single Distillery 35cl
GHS 168.50
Martell VS Single Distillery 35cl
GHS 168.50
Martell VS Single Distillery 20cl
GHS 92.20
Martell VS Single Distillery GP VAP 100 Cl
GHS 436.30


Martell VSOP Aged In Red Barrel 70cl
GHS 650.40
Martell VSOP Aged In Red Barrel 100cl
GHS 931.10
Martell VSOP Aged In Red Barrel 35cl
GHS 357.90

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