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Green point

Green point

Green point

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Kn 5,99 (0,80 €)
Kn 4,99 (0,66 €)

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Wok s povrćem i seitanom ili tofuom velika porcija
Seitan or tofu
Kn 56,00 (7,43 €)
Wok with vegetables, large portion
Seasonal vegetables from the wok
Kn 46,00 (6,11 €)
Seitan salad
Kn 46,00 (6,11 €)
Falafel in a tortilla
Falafel, tortilla, sauce, hummus, corn, carrots, tahini, tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, lettuce
Kn 42,00 (5,57 €)

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