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Pizzeria Pikolina

Pizzeria Pikolina

store rating 94% Very Good
1,60 € (Kn 12,06)

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Schedule for 9:30

Double decker pizza

Pizza The Core
Umak od rajčice, sir, šunka, gljive, paprika, kulen, picolina mozzarella, blagi ili ljuti sir
16,99 € (128,01 kn)
Pizza Pandora povrtni
Umak od rajčice, sir gauda, 6 vrsta povrća, klica soje, svježi đumbir
16,99 € (128,01 kn)
Pizza Deep Impact Beef
Umak od rajčice, sir, junetina, luk, umak od rajčice, dimljeni sir (blagi ili ljuti)
16,99 € (128,01 kn)

Pizza 120% više materijala

Pizza Armagedon
Rajčica, sir, šunka, špek, vratina, kulen, mozzarella, dimljeni sir, umak blagi ili ljuti
16,52 € (124,47 kn)


Seljačka tortilja
Dvije tortilje u porciji, sir, šunka, kukuruz, umak aurora
9,09 € (68,49 kn)
Mexicana tortilja
Dvije tortilje u porciji, sir, kulen, kukuruz, grah, chilli, umak aurora,
9,09 € (68,49 kn)
Slavonska tortilja
Dvije tortilje u porciji, sir, šunka, kulen, špek, feferoni, umak aurora
9,09 € (68,49 kn)
Bečka tortilja
Dvije tortilje u porciji, sir, pohana piletina, umak aurora
9,09 € (68,49 kn)


Pizza Bečka
Rajčica, sir, pohana piletina
12,01 € (90,49 kn)
Pizza Sigečica
Rajčica, sir, šunka, gljive, mozzarella, kukuruz, zelena paprika
11,55 € (87,02 kn)
Pizza Folka
Rajčica, sir, špek, luk, paprika, chery rajčica, mozzarella, vrhnje
11,55 € (87,02 kn)
Pizza Čardaš
Umak od rajčice ili vrhnje, sir, kulen, špek, gljive, čardaš sir, ljuti feferoni
11,55 € (87,02 kn)
Pizza Dimsy
Umak od rajčice, sir, šunka, kulen, špek, vratina, dimsi, slatki feferoni
11,55 € (87,02 kn)
Pizza Pikolina extra
Umak od rajčice, sir, šunka, vratina, kulen, mozzarella, dimsi, vrhnje, slatki feferoni
11,55 € (87,02 kn)
Pizza Seljačka
Umak od rajčice, sir, šunka, kukuruz, vrhnje, češnjak
11,55 € (87,02 kn)
Pizza Rustika
Vrhnje, mozzarella, špek, mladi luk, maslinovo ulje
11,55 € (87,02 kn)
Slavonska Pizza Extra
Umak od rajčice, sir, špek, kobasica, luk, čardaš sir, ljuti feferoni
11,08 € (83,48 kn)
Pizza Urnebes
Rajčica, šunka, sir, šampinjoni, gorgonzola, mozzarella, dimsy, panceta, vrhnje
11,08 € (83,48 kn)
Pizza Malešnica
Rajčica, vrnje, sir, kobasica, panceta, luk, jaje, ljuti feferoni
11,08 € (83,48 kn)
Pizza Brutale
Umak od rajčice, 4 vrste sira, kulen
11,02 € (83,03 kn)
Pizza Special
Umak od rajčice, sir, kulen, špek, grah, kukuruz, jaje, ljuti feferoni
11,02 € (83,03 kn)
Pizza Pikolina Special
Umak od rajčica, sir, špek, kulen, vratina, dimsi, mozzarella, slatki feferoni
10,88 € (81,98 kn)
Slavonska Pizza
Umak od rajčica, sir, šunka, špek, kulen, luk, ljuti feferoni
10,49 € (79,04 kn)
Pizza Pepone
Umak od rajčice, sir, šunka, špek, luk, češnjak, feferoni
10,49 € (79,04 kn)
Pizza Prosciutto
Umak od rajčice, sir, pršut
10,49 € (79,04 kn)
Pizza Gurmanska
Umak od rajčice, sir, šunka, vratina, mozzarella, vrhnje
10,49 € (79,04 kn)
Pizza Maatan
Umak od rajčice, sir, vratina, kulen, mozzarella, vrhnje
10,49 € (79,04 kn)
Pizza Picante
Umak od rajčica, sir, kulen, ljuti feferoni
10,00 € (75,35 kn)
Pizza Plodovi mora
Umak od rajčice, sir, plodovi mora, češnjak
10,00 € (75,35 kn)
Pizza Grčka
Umak od rajčice, sir, paprika, feta sir
10,00 € (75,35 kn)
Pizza Napolitana
Umak od rajčice, sir, šunka, gljive, jaje, vrhnje
10,00 € (75,35 kn)
Pizza Hungare
Umak od rajčica, sir, šunka, jaje, špek, ljuti feferoni
10,00 € (75,35 kn)
Pizza Bolognese
Umak od rajčice, sir, bolognese umak
10,00 € (75,35 kn)
Pizza Mexicana
Umak od rajčice, sir, kulen, paprika, grah, kukuruz, chilli
10,00 € (75,35 kn)
Pizza Zagrebačka
Vrhnje, sir, šunka, vratina, jaje
10,00 € (75,35 kn)
Pizza Pikolina
Umak od rajčice, sir, šunka, paprika, pršut, vrhnje
10,00 € (75,35 kn)
Pizza Rikola
Umak od rajčica, sir, rikola, pršut, cherry rajčica, grana padano sir
10,00 € (75,35 kn)
Pizza Lovačka
Umak od rajčice, sir, šunka, gljive, kobasica, vrhnje, ljuti feferoni
10,00 € (75,35 kn)
Pizza Macho
Umak od rajčice, sir, šunka, kulen, kobasica, ljuti feferoni
10,00 € (75,35 kn)
Pizza Extra Calzone
Vrhnje, sir, šunka, krastavci, vratina
10,00 € (75,35 kn)
Pizza Mozzarella
Umak od rajčice, mozzarella, bosiljak
9,95 € (74,97 kn)
Pizza Quattro Formaggi
Umak od rajčice, 4 vrste sira
9,09 € (68,49 kn)
Pizza Trioleza
Umakod rajčice, sir, šunka, špek
8,96 € (67,51 kn)
Pizza Capricciosa
Umak od rajčice, sir, šunka, gljive
8,63 € (65,02 kn)
Pizza Vege
Rajčica, gljive, paprika, rajčica, kukuruz
8,63 € (65,02 kn)
Pizza Povrće
Rajčica, sir, parajdajz, paprika, kukuruz, grah, luk
8,49 € (63,97 kn)
Pizza Al Tonno
Umak od rajčice, sir, tuna, luk
8,49 € (63,97 kn)
Pizza Vesuvio
Umak od rajčice, sir, šunka
7,96 € (59,97 kn)
Pizza Funghi
Umak od rajčice, sir, gljive
7,96 € (59,97 kn)
Pizza Calzone
Umak od rajčice, sir, šunka
7,96 € (59,97 kn)
Pizza Margherita
Umak od rajčice, sir
7,50 € (56,51 kn)


Bagetti Vegetica
Sir, svježa rajčica, paprika, kukuruz, mozzarella, feta sir, maslinovo ulje
8,03 € (60,50 kn)
Bagetti Pikolinica
Sir, svježa rajčica, kulen, domaći špek, luk, feta sir, maslinovo ulje
8,03 € (60,50 kn)
Bagetti Rikolica
Sir, pršut, rikola, cherry rajčica, grana padano, maslinovo ulje
8,03 € (60,50 kn)
Bagetti Myxica
Sir, kulen, domaći špek, paprika, mozzarella, dimsy, feta sir, maslinovo ulje
8,03 € (60,50 kn)


Palačinke čokolada 4 komada
4 komada
8,03 € (60,50 kn)
Palačinke mermelada 4 komada
4 komada
8,03 € (60,50 kn)


Pivo 0,5l
2,92 € (22,00 kn)
Coca-Cola 0,5l
2,65 € (19,97 kn)
Romerquelle Prirodna Voda 0,5l
2,12 € (15,97 kn)

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Frequently asked questions

How can I order Pizzeria Pikolina delivery in Zagreb?
To order your Pizzeria Pikolina delivery in Zagreb, all you have to do is open the Glovo website or app and go to “Comfort food” category. Next, enter your address to see if delivery for Pizzeria Pikolina is available in your area of Zagreb. Then you can choose the products you want and add them to your order. Once you complete the payment, your order will start to be prepared and soon after a courier will bring it directly to your door.
What can I order in Pizzeria Pikolina in Zagreb?
Pizzeria Pikolina offers a big variety of items you can order. Take a look at the product list and choose what you would like to order from Pizzeria Pikolina.
Is Pizzeria Pikolina available in Prime?
No. Prime is Glovo’s subscription program where you get unlimited free deliveries from some of our partners and other benefits!
When can I order delivery from Pizzeria Pikolina?
During Pizzeria Pikolina’s working hours you can place your order at any time. Thanks to our speedfast delivery you will be able to enjoy your glovo within minutes! You can also schedule your delivery to a time that would be convenient for you, even if the store is currently closed.
How do other customers rate Pizzeria Pikolina?
Pizzeria Pikolina was recommended by 94% of customers who ordered their glovo from there. Place your order today and check if you also like it.