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Il Bio di Ki Group

Il Bio di Ki Group

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2,99 €
Schedule for 1/1/30
This store is closed at the moment. Looking for somewhere similar?

Colazione e snack / alternative al caffè

Cicoria solubile 100g
4,70 €
Cicoria solubile - zero caffeina
4,70 €

Colazione e snack / biscotti

Frollino di grano cappelli con gocce di cioccolato 250g
3,49 €
Frollino avena e grano saraceno 250g
2,99 €
Novelli vegani integrali
3,59 €

Colazione e snack / brioche e merendine

Croissant vegan integrale 160g
3,59 €
Fagottino vegan all'albicocca
3,95 €
Treccia integrale uvetta
3,95 €

Colazione e snack / fiocchi, soffiati, corn flakes

Fiocchi di avena 500g
2,09 €
Fiocchi di farro 500g
3,10 €

Colazione e snack / creme spalmabili

Crema cacao nocciole senza zuccheri aggiunti
4,65 €

Colazione e snack / marmellate e composte

Composta di albicocche 270g
4,00 €
Composta di mirtilli 270g
4,80 €

Colazione e snack / snack salati

Tortillas chips natural 90g
1,85 €
Chips con sale 40g
1,14 €
Chips di verdure 40g
1,50 €

Colazione e snack / dolcificanti

Zucchero di canna
2,20 €

Colazione e snack / snack dolci

Barretta cruda brownie
1,80 €
Barretta cruda cocco
1,80 €

Colazione e snack / fette biscottate

Fette biscottate grano duro cappelli
3,30 €

Colazione e snack / tè, caffè e infusi

Tè verde cinese 50g
3,25 €
Tè verde fair trade
3,25 €

Dispensa / cereali

Cous cous 500g
2,45 €

Dispensa / legumi

Fagioli borlotti 500g
3,20 €
Lenticchie piccole 500g
2,79 €
Ceci bianchi 400g
2,45 €

Dispensa / olio extra vergine d'oliva

Olio extravergine di oliva 1 l
13,75 €

Dispensa / panna vegetale

Soia cuisine panna vegetale 250ml
1,50 €

Dispensa / semi

Semi di chia 100g
2,35 €
Semi sesamo 250g
2,70 €
Semi girasole sgusciati 250g
1,99 €
Semi zucca sgusciati 200g
3,10 €

Latte e uova / bevande vegetali

Latte di mandorla 1L
3,95 €
Soia da bere 1 l
2,15 €
Soia da bere con calcio 1 l
2,45 €
Avena da bere 1 l
2,65 €

Pane e pasta / crackers

Gustosi di farro con semi di lino 200g
3,19 €

Pane e pasta / riso

Riso carnaroli 1kg
5,70 €
Riso venere integrale 500g
4,50 €
Riso basmati integrale
3,15 €
Riso venere integrale
4,50 €

Succhi e bevande / succhi di frutta

Succo mela limpido 75cl
3,35 €
Succo pera
3,35 €
Succo pesca
3,35 €

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Frequently asked questions

How can I order Il Bio di Ki Group delivery in Ancona?
To order your Il Bio di Ki Group delivery in Ancona, all you have to do is open the Glovo website or app and go to “Supermarket” category. Next, enter your address to see if delivery for Il Bio di Ki Group is available in your area of Ancona. Then you can choose the products you want and add them to your order. Once you complete the payment, your order will start to be prepared and soon after a courier will bring it directly to your door.
How long does the Il Bio di Ki Group delivery in Ancona take?
After adding your delivery address you will be able to see how long is the expected delivery time for each store in your area. You can also check the expected delivery time for your order from Il Bio di Ki Group at checkout.
Are there any promos for Il Bio di Ki Group in Glovo?
Always look for discounted products and current special offers, which are marked in yellow. Sometimes you can find special offers such as 2 for 1 or discounted delivery!
Is Il Bio di Ki Group available in Prime?
No. Prime is Glovo’s subscription program where you get unlimited free deliveries from some of our partners and other benefits!
When can I order delivery from Il Bio di Ki Group?
During Il Bio di Ki Group’s working hours you can place your order at any time. Thanks to our speedfast delivery you will be able to enjoy your glovo within minutes! You can also schedule your delivery to a time that would be convenient for you, even if the store is currently closed.