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With Glovo, you can have the best OTC products delivered in various cities in Italy. Whether you live in Milan, Rome or Torino, Glovo is a fast and reliable delivery service you will be very happy with. Register on our website, enter your address and make the most of the many online pharmacies in Italy that provide online delivery services.

 Pharmacy delivery

Top pharmacy delivery in Italy

The best pharmacy delivery products

Pharmacies offer medical equipment and products for everyday life such as slimming products, organic food, antibacterial masks, condoms, hair care and oral hygiene products and personal care products for pregnant women and babies. The best online pharmacies in Italy also offer perfumes, skin care products and gift sets.

The Glovo website guarantees very fast and inexpensive deliveries for these products. Just click on the store name in the app and choose your products. They will be delivered to your door in no minutes, with low-cost delivery fees 

There is certainly a pharmacy near you that offers the lowest prices and the best deals. Glovo takes care of deliveries while offering you unbeatable prices. Register now on Glovo and get the best prices on OTC products.

The best pharmacy delivery products

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FAQ about pharmacy delivery

Where and how can I find a pharmacy that provides delivery services near me?

Enter your address and flat number in the Glovo app. By searching your geographical location, Glovo will show you the best pharmacies near you and suggest a selection of products. All you need to do is fill your basket and wait for your delivery of pharmacy products in Italy

Which open pharmacies provide delivery services?

We have many open pharmacies that offer home delivery. Check out our dedicated section on our Glovo website to see the list of products these stores offer.

What can I buy in an online pharmacy?

Online pharmacy products are drugs you can buy without a prescription. There is a wide selection with various items such as slimming products, Covid masks, condoms, organic food supplements, hair loss treatment products, oral care items or suntan lotions. You can view the list of items by entering "pharmacy" in the Glovo search bar.

What are the best-selling pharmacy products online?

The best-selling products available from online pharmacies in Italy are everyday items such as oral care products, condoms, skin care and pregnancy products. You can also offer gifts such as perfume boxes or bath-related products.

Online pharmacy with free delivery in Italy-how much are the delivery fees?

The fees depend on the distance from the pick-up and delivery point. If you want to have free deliveries, you can sign up for Glovo Prime, our subscription service. See full terms on the site or in the Glovo app.

It's easy as pie, and you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Online pharmacy voucher:where can I get one?

Some stores offer discounts directly on Glovo’s website. Click on the store name to view their list of deals. 

If you already have a voucher, you can enter it in your profile on our site and it will be applied at the time of purchase. These online pharmacy vouchers will give you immediate discounts on your favorite products.

What is the average waiting time for a delivery of pharmacy items?

The average waiting time for a delivery depends on the distance from the delivery point. To know where your order is, you have to open our app after the purchases so you can see the location of the rider on the map.

The cheapest online pharmacy in Italy: how to choose it?

There is not just one top online pharmacy. Indeed, we currently have a selection of online pharmacies in Italy, and their price range is in line with the market. All our pharmacies regularly offer deals on their products. Check out your nearest pharmacy on Glovo’s website.

How to pay for the delivery of OTC products?

With Glovo, you pay the delivery fee in advance, which means you don't have to give the courier any money. Thanks to this automated system, you can pay by credit card on the Glovo website and you don't have to worry about the rest.