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Mix di Uramaki

Mix di Uramaki

store rating --
2,99 €
Schedule for 1/1/30
This store is closed at the moment. Looking for somewhere similar?


Verdure miste alla griglia
4,50 zł
Funghi e bambù
4,00 zł
Patate alla piastra
4,00 zł
Verdure miste alla piastra
3,60 zł
Germogli di soia saltati
3,50 zł
Patate fritte
2,80 zł


Asahi 50 cl
4,50 zł
Menabrea 66 cl
4,40 zł
Tsing dao 66 cl
4,20 zł
Heineken 66 cl
3,50 zł
Moretti 66 cl
3,50 zł
Corona 66 cl
3,20 zł
Beck’s 33cl
2,50 zł

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