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Italian food delivery in Reggio Emilia

Frequent questions about Italian in Reggio Emilia

How can I order Italian food delivery in Reggio Emilia?

Load Glovo, enter your address, and look for “Italian” in the filter options. This will show you a list of all Italian restaurants offering delivery in Reggio Emilia. From there, simply browse the restaurant’s menu, add dishes to your cart, and complete your order. A courier will deal with the rest and ensure you get your food quickly.

What type of Italian food can I order in Reggio Emilia?

It depends on the restaurants, but you can usually have your pick from a selection of pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, and even desserts.

How long does it take to have Italian food delivered to Reggio Emilia?

It varies by restaurant and will also depend on your proximity to that restaurant. Right now, the average time for Italian food delivery in Reggio Emilia is 59 minutes.

What are the best rated Italian restaurants in Reggio Emilia?

Capatoast currently leads the way with an impressive rating of 100%. Ale's Pizza e Food isn’t too far behind, though, and holds a rating of 99%. These ratings are all provided by Glovo users.