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Your fridge is empty but you don’t want to put on your shoes and go to the supermarket? No worries! With Glovo you can do your online shopping with home delivery and in a few clicks you’ll receive everything you need, anywhere you want. 

Download our app, search our online shopping bubble and you’ll find endless deals from supermarkets near you with home delivery services. From grocery stores just round the corner to big chain stores, there's plenty to choose from.

Forget about getting lost among endless supermarket shelves, feeling cold in front of fridges or spending all day stuck in long queues. Save time and do your grocery shopping with home delivery wherever you are. At Glovo we make it easy and quick for you!

How many times did you go to your closest supermarket to buy some milk and eggs, but you then forgot and ended up buying something else you didn’t need? If you do your online grocery shopping with Glovo, that will never happen again. Once you select a supermarket with home delivery near you, you’ll see all available products and, in a few clicks, you can buy the freshest fruits and vegetables, tasty meats, as well as home cleaning products and more.

Supermarket delivery

Top Supermarket stores

The best supermarkets with home delivery for your grocery shoppingin Kenya

Are you looking for the best supermarkets for your online shopping? Glovo is the solution! In our app, you will find the best stores near you. From the comfort of your sofa, you can use your local grocery store’s shopping delivery service.

Exactly, the one in your neighborhood where you don’t ever have enough time to go.

Let’s suppose that you have just finished reading a tasty meat recipe and you suddenly decide that you want to cook it. Open the Glovo app ro go to the website and search for the closest butcher’s. But if you only need some fruits and vegetables, don’t worry! You can find your trusted greengrocer and order online from their store.

Or maybe you are very busy and have a time-consuming job, so you prefer the convenience of buying everything in one place. No problem! Open Glovo and choose the supermarket with home delivery that best fits you.

Doing your shopping with Glovo is very easy, it takes just a few steps: download the app on your smartphone or tablet, create your account, buy anything you need and enter your home address. The riders will deliver your groceries to your door in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look in your fridge or cupboard to check what is missing, get a pen and paper and start writing your grocery list.

The best supermarkets with home delivery for your grocery shoppingin Kenya

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FAQ about Supermarket delivery

How can I do online shopping with Glovoin Kenya?

Doing online shopping with Glovo is a piece of cake! First of all, go directly on our website and select the “Get started” button in the top right corner. Then, enter all your details and create your account. Don’t forget to enter your home address too.

Now it’s time to do your shopping from your trusted supermarket. Choose the store you prefer, buy whatever you want and... done! The only thing you need to do now is wait for the rider to bring you your shopping at home.

Which supermarkets are open to do online shopping with Glovo?

Glovo delivers 24 hours a day in many cities, but this doesn’t mean that all supermarkets offer an online shopping service all day long.

If you want to know which supermarkets are open near you, you just need to go to Glovo website, select the Supermarket bubble and check if the store picture is in full colour or in black and white. If it’s in full colour, the supermarket is open and offers a home delivery service.

How much does online shopping with Glovo cost?

You will find the price of each product just below its picture. Click on the item that you need and add it to your cart.

Once you’re done, you’ll see the total amount of your order, with the additional home delivery management fee. If you don’t want to pay for this service, you can always subscribe to Glovo Prime and order your online shopping any time you want without paying this fee.

How can I see the supermarkets near me with Glovo?

With Glovo, you can do your online shopping from stores near you. If you want to know which supermarkets near you are available, you just need to enter your home address in our Glovo app or website and you will find a long list of stores in your area. Now you just have to choose the one you prefer and it’s done.

How will my order be delivered at home?

Your online shopping order will be delivered directly to your door from couriers riding a bike or scooter. This is the reason why all purchased items must fit a 40x40x30 cm box and weigh no more than 9 kg.

The delivery time depends on how close the supermarket is to your home.