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Adult Diapers

Arokleen Adult diapers
Extra wide, long sheets, Inner leak guide ensures no leakage. Non woven fabric-to feel fresh and comfortable. Reticular Embossed Design induces water diversion to every side keeping the surface dry. Packet of 10 pcs

Body Support Products

Kedley Universal Advanced back support
Hight quality neoprene for comfort. Adjustable size for stability Cotton lined for extra strength and durability. Easy to wash and dry fabric.
Kedley Universal Pregnancy support belt
Gently redces pressure Adjustable/ universal, Lightweight and comfortable, For use in pre natal/ postpartum


Kids KN95 Mask
Protective Durable Easy fit Quality

Medical Equipment/Devices

25 Gmate test strips
No coding, less blood sample, For use with all gmate glucometers
Omron AC adapter
AC Power Adapter Easy to install 5 year durability Suitable for Omron Devices
Omron M2 Blood Pressure monitor - with memory
30 results memory capacity, clinically validated Battery powered(4 AA batteries) AC charging port 22-32 cm cuff size
Yonker YK-80C OLED oximeter
It's portable equipment adopting advanced technology. It checks SpO2 and PR values through the finger. Provides advanced, non-invasive and scientific means for quantitative measurement of oxygen saturation.
Gmate wheel Glucometer
Autocoding (no coding manually) 5 seconds testing time 0.5 microlitres sample 500 readings memory capacity Uses CR2032 batteries FDA approved
Gmate Test strips
Autocoding (no coding manually) 5 seconds testing time 0.5 microlitres blood sample
General Lancets
Comfys Gmate 30 gauge sterile lancets are designed for less pain when pricking the skin. They are compatible with multiple pricking devices and can also be used without the devices.
This Multi-Purpose product comes with a 100 pieces (50 pairs).
Fabia Blood Pressure monitor
with large cuff (22-40cm)
Fabia Blood Pressure Monitor with memory (30 readings)
Automatic BP testing for easy use Has a charging port 60 readings double user memory capacity VOICE reading of results WHO Blood Pressure Reading Classification. Large LCD display for easy reading. Uses 4 AAA batteries 22-40 cm. Adult bicep cuff size
Omron M1 Basic Blood Pressure monitor
Small, light and easy to carry, automatic for easy operation,
Omron M2 Basic Blood Pressure monitor
Light and easy to carry, automatic, and applies IntelliSense technology Detects irregular heartbeat, Uses AA batteries, has an AC charging port. Clinically tested and vali dated for accuracy
Omron M3 Blood Pressure monitor - with charging port
Designed with INTELLIWRAP Technology which enables accurate BP measurement. can store up to 60 readings, Double user ability Comes with a large upper arm cuff of 22-42 cm, light and easy to carry, automatic,
Omron M7 Blood Pressure monitor - with Mobile app connectivity
Bluetooth enabled for sharing of data to your mobile via Omron Connect Android/IOS app. INTELLIWRAP Technology,100 readings memory capacity Two user ability, LARGE BICEP/UPPER ARM CUFF of 22-42 cm Light and easy to carry and automatic.
Omron Personal Weighing Scale (Accurate Japanese Brand)
Designed with JAPANESE 4 SENSOR TECHNOLOGY for ACCURATE MEASU REMENTS and has a LARGE LCD DISPLAY It can also be set in kg/lb/st measurements. It Measures PRECISELY Has AUTO POWER OFF capability.
Gmate Wheel Glucometerbundle
Autocoded 5 seconds testing time Small blood sample (0.5 microlitres) 500 memory capacity 75 test strips Free lancing device 100 free lancets/pickers- 30 gauge for the least pain

Kedley Body Support Products

Active Elasticated Ankle Support - Medium Size
It's ideal for everyday use for both sporting and daily activities. The design provides a comfortable compression and support when applied
Active Elasticated Wrist Support
The Kedley Active Elasticated Wrist support is designed to support weak, injured or recovering wrists. Providing a mild level support for everyday and sporting use but designed to give maximum support around the wrist area.
Advanced ankle support
The Aero-tech neoprene advanced ankle support is a firm level support for sporting and rehabilitation use with fully adjustable design allows for a custom fit and uniform compression.
Advanced Elbow Support
For pain relief, with adjustable strap. Reduces swelling and provide relief to the elbow muscles form pain and stress. Generates warmth on the injured elbow that promotes healing.
Advanced Wrist Support
Offers a firm level of support designed for maximum comfort and stability. The removable malleable metal splint allows the brace to fit the specific needs of the user whilst providing rigid support.
Knee support with stabilizer
Is a firm support for sporting and rehabilitation use. Fully adjustable design The open kneecap design keeps the knee cap/patella in place and prevents further damage.

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