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Hero Restaurant

Hero Restaurant

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155,00 €
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Clear Mushroom Soup

Aged parma ham, spring onion, mushrooms

750,00 €

Rice Paper Spring Rolls

steamed prawns, cucumber, lemon, Chinese cabbage

1.400,00 €

Aged Crispy Pork Chops

panko, tonkatzu sauce, sugar snap salad

1.650,00 €

Veggie Tamago Roll

truffled Japanese omelet, baby leeks, cucumber, truffle mayo, tamago

1.300,00 €

Sweet Potato Tempura Roll

avocado, charcoal grilled sweet potato tempura, aji amarillo, white miso, semi-dried cherry tomatoes

1.150,00 €

Crispy Veggie Roll

vegetable tempura, cucumber, spicy sauce, mango

950,00 €

Papaya Cucumber Roll

half ripe papaya, avocado, cream cheese, Japanese mayo, wasabi mayo, fresh coconut, wrapped in cucumber

1.100,00 €

Shitake Mushroom Maki

pickled vegetables, daikon, carrot, asparagus, sweet sake + soy glazed shitake mushrooms

1.100,00 €

Vegan Miso Soup

mushrooms, root vegetables

700,00 €

Yakitori Grilled Tofu

mixed vegetables, eggplant, leek, green onion, toasted sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce

1.100,00 €

Vegetarian Poke Bowl

marinated beetroot, green onion, radish, sesame, sprouts, sushi rice, sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes, wakame, soy-ginger dressing

1.300,00 €

Teppenyaki Vegetables

steamed rice, soy-mirin dressing

1.250,00 €

Skipping Noodle Stir + Shake

peppers, aji amarillo, baked potato strips, tofu, tomatoes, soy, green onion

1.450,00 €

Crispy Eggplant Roll

panko fried eggplant, daikon, chives, cucumber, huancaina sesame dressing, crispy sweet potato, smoked sweet mayo

1.200,00 €

Green Chili Roll

mushroom, crispy green chili, sesame, wrapped in avocado

1.150,00 €

Red Miso Lamb Chops

spinach tempura, dashi-miso lamb jus

1.700,00 €

Pressed Pork Belly Skewers

anticucho marinade, spicy miso sauce, cucumber, sesame salsa

1.600,00 €

Chicken Teriyaki Skewers

sugar snap salad, peanut sauce

1.650,00 €

Miso-Citrus Octopus

citrus gel, citrus salad

1.450,00 €

Aged Pork Neck Steak

spicy miso sauce, raw vegetable salad

1.550,00 €

Crab + Lobster Maki

fresh crab, avocado, glazed lobster tempura, mango gel, passion fruit, soy glaze

1.100,00 €

Surf + Turf Maki

poached lobster, rucola, sautéed mushroom, red radish, soy aged beef tartare, unagi sauce, crispy parmesan

700,00 €

Tuna + Oyster Maki

spicy tuna, bonito flakes, sesame, oyster tartare, oyster tempura, red radish

700,00 €

Lamb Curry + Prawn Maki

yellow sushi rice, togorashi, pulled lamb curry, prawn tempura, chili, spring onion, cucumber

850,00 €

Oyster + Mango Roll

raw oysters, fresh crab, mango, cream cheese, chives, cucumber, mango tartare

1.650,00 €

Avocado + Oyster Roll

glazed oysters, avocado, chives, mushroom, onion tempura, dashi gel, beetroot soy mayo, unagi sauce, flamed salmon, beetroot chips

1.700,00 €

Tugulu Roll

tempura prawn, fresh crab, spring onion, sugar snaps, mango, soy glaze, avocado

1.700,00 €

Lobster Roll

poached lobster, flamed scallion, butter lettuce, avocado, wasabi mayo, red radish, crispy quinoa, sesame glaze

2.300,00 €

Crispy Panko Prawn Roll

crispy panko prawn roll, daikon, cucumber, chives, huancaina sesame purée, crispy sweet potato, smoked sweet mayo

1.500,00 €

Prawn + Grilled Avocado Roll

spicy tempura prawn, grilled avocado, spicy mango, crispy plantain, guacamole

1.650,00 €

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