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Kilimani Bistro

Kilimani Bistro

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Breakfast royale
Two fries eggs, sausage, bacon, red pepper, patatas & toast
KES 600.00
Egg Cheese Croissant
Served with hot beverage
KES 550.00
Low Carb Plate
Accompanied with veggie salad dressing
KES 500.00
Chocolate Pancakes
Served with choc sauce and small fresh fruits
KES 450.00
Citrus sunrise
Seasonal fresh fruits, honey, yoghurt & nuts
KES 420.00
Italian pancakes
Three pieces of Italian pancakes, pan-fried in a low heat and served with fresh fruits and Italian syrup
KES 400.00
Fluffy Pancakes
Topped with syrup
KES 400.00


Sausage onion omelette
Two eggs,sausage, onion and tomatoes and toast
KES 400.00
Spanish omelette
Tomatoes, onions, green pepper and two eggs
KES 380.00


Texas burger
Served with chips and salad
KES 900.00
Cheese burger
Served with chips and salad
KES 800.00
Chicken burger
Served with chips and salad
KES 750.00


Bistro pasta
Tossed in pesto sauce and cream
KES 800.00
Creamed Mushroom penne
Tossed in mushroom sauce with onions and snap peas
KES 750.00
Linguine carbonara
Tossed in carbonara sauce with bacon
KES 750.00
Garden pasta
Tossed in pomodoro in broccoli, snap peas, zucchini and fresh mushrooms
KES 700.00


Chicken and Cheddar
Chicken cuttings topped with cedar cheese then layered between two bread slices
KES 500.00
Tomatoes & cheese
Cuts of tomato and cheese layered between bread slices
KES 400.00

Main dishes

Whole Tilapia Fish
Deep-fried wet or dry served with ugali and spinach
KES 1,200.00
Lamb chops
Slowly grilled lamb chops served with chips and veggies
KES 1,150.00
Pork Ribs
Slowed baked ribs in smoked barbeque sauce served with rice and spinach
KES 1,100.00
Beef medallion with mushroom sauce
Beef fillet (grilled) and served with mushroom sauce and veggies
KES 1,100.00
Grilled fish with tartare
Fish fillet (tilapia) grilled with fresh spice
KES 1,100.00
Fish And Chips
Deep-fried fish coated with bread crumbs served with tarta sauce and lemon wedge
KES 990.00
Grilled chicken breast
Grilled till tender and served with kachumbari
KES 800.00
Sweet and spicy chicken thigh
Grilled boneless chicken thigh tossed in sweet chilli sauce with fresh herbs
KES 750.00
Chicken Stir-Fry
Boneless chicken / beef strips fried with capsicum and veges
KES 700.00


Coconut chicken curries
Prepared thick chicken cuts allowed to simmer in coconut milk
KES 750.00
Coconut Fish Curry
Tilapia stewed and allowed to simmer in coconut milk
KES 750.00
Coconut veggie curries
Prepared veggie cuttings allowed to simmer in coconut milk
KES 690.00


Bistro Salad
Fresh greens, fried mushrooms and chicken served with garlic bread with sweet and hot dressing
KES 700.00
Caesar salad with chicken
Served as a side dish
KES 700.00
Spicy thigh salad
Chicken or beef
KES 650.00
Caesar salad plain
Served as a side dish to fried rice or stewed dishes
KES 600.00

Small plates

Egg Fried Rice
Two fried eggs with onions and fresh capsicum mixed with rice
KES 750.00
Shawarma chicken with a portion of chips
Chicken cuts lightly spiced and wrapped then served with sauce
KES 600.00
Fish fingers with a portion of chips
Accompanied with sauce and dip
KES 600.00
Chicken nuggets with a portion of chips
Deep fried crumbed chicken nuggets served with crisp golden brown French fries
KES 600.00
Chips masala and spicy with two sausages
Served with sauce and dip
KES 500.00
Chips with two sausages
Deep fried sliced potatoes served with two sausages
KES 400.00
Cheese and bacon fries
French fried potatoes, 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese, 1/2 cup green onions, 1/4 cup crumbled cooked bacon
KES 350.00
Samosa beef
Pastry stuffed with minced beef and deep fried
KES 200.00


Fresh juices
Comes with choice of mango, passion, pineapple, strawberry flavor. Comes in small & large size
KES 200.00

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