Nene's Pizza

Nene's Pizza

Nene's Pizza

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Eat For 250 Bob

Sliced potato strips deep fried in hot cooking oil
KES 300.00

Pizza Special Offer

Buy 1kg Of Pork And Get A Small Pizza Of Choice For Free
Get an additional small pizza of choice to go with 1KG of pork
KES 1,580.00


Hawaiian Pizza
Pineapple and bacon
KES 1,200.00
Meat Lovers Pizza
Chicken or beef, sausage, bacon, barbecue sauce
KES 1,200.00
Hot Buffalo Pizza
Chicken or Beef, Red Onions, Mozzarella Cheese
KES 1,200.00
Supreme Pizza
Beef or chicken, black olives, capsicum, red onions & tomatoes
KES 1,200.00
Margharita Pizza
Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, cheese, basil
KES 1,200.00
Vegetable Pizza
Red, yellow, green capsicum, tomatoes, mozzarella & cheese
KES 1,200.00

Whole Tilapia Fish

Dry Whole Tilapia
Delicious deep fried tilapia
KES 1,000.00
Wet Whole Tilapia
Delicious wet fried tilapia prepared using onions tomatoes and corriander
KES 1,000.00
Dry Whole Fish Only
Served with salad
KES 800.00
Wet Whole Fish Only
Delicious cooked fish served with ugali
KES 800.00

Smoked Pork

Smoked Pork Ribs - 1 Kg
Glazed with or without honey, depending on customers' taste
KES 1,500.00
Smoked Pork Ribs - 600 gr
Glazed with or without honey, depending on customers' taste
KES 1,000.00


Beef Burger with a Portion of Fries
Made with ground meat patty, cheese and lettuce toppings placed between two halves of a bun
KES 550.00
Chicken Burger with a Portion of Fries
Tasty burger served with fries
KES 550.00
Plain Chicken Burger
Classic chicken burger served with fries
KES 400.00
Plain Beef Burger
Classic burger served with fries and soda
KES 400.00
Sauté Potatoes
Potatoes steamed in a pan with oil and onions
KES 300.00
3 Samosas
Contains minced meat
KES 200.00
Deliciously fried leafy vegetables
KES 180.00
Served with ugali
KES 180.00
Stiff maize flour porridge
KES 150.00

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