Bakery delivery in Atyrau

Frequent questions about Bakery in Atyrau

How does Glovo work?

Glovo is a delivery service that works with top bakeries, restaurants, and other partners across Atyrau. You can place your order through the Glovo app or website and then just wait for your food to arrive.

How long does it take for bakery delivery in Atyrau?

The timeframe for bakery delivery in Atyrau varies based on your location and 

chosen bakery. The average time is 60 minutes and you can find the bakery’s average time by checking the top of its page. Generally speaking, you don’t need to wait long to get your food.

What are the best rated bakeries in Atyrau?

Тагам has a rating of 97% while Булки Хауз comes in at 81%. These are the two bakeries with the highest ratings in Atyrau right now, but there are many more.

How much does bakery delivery in Atyrau cost?

It depends on the bakery, as they all set their own fees. Some even offer free delivery when you order above a certain amount. Check the bakery page for updated information about delivery fees.