Desserts delivery in Nur-Sultan

Frequent questions about Desserts in Nur-Sultan

Where can I order desserts online?

You can order them from Glovo! Glovo cooperates with some of the best stores in Nur-Sultan that offer desserts delivery. At the moment, our customers’ most-loved stores are Emiko, Bon Bon, Кафе Лагом/ Lagom. Order desserts delivery from them or any other store near you!

How long does it take to have desserts delivered to my place in Nur-Sultan?

The delivery time depends on many factors and may differ between stores. On average, however, the delivery time for desserts in Nur-Sultan is 56 minutes.

What types of desserts can I order in Nur-Sultan?

You can order a huge variety of desserts in Nur-Sultan. Just take a look at the restaurants’ menus! You’ll find chocolate cakes, cheesecakes and many other desserts that you’ll love!

How much does it cost to have desserts delivered in Nur-Sultan?

The delivery price differs from store to store. You’ll be able to see the cost of delivery at the top of the page of each store. Before placing an order you’ll see the breakdown of costs with the delivery price detailed.