Molly’s Diner

Molly’s Diner

Molly’s Diner

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Tacos Beef

Steak haché, frites, Sauce Algérienne, Sauce Fromagère cheddar .

33.00 MAD

Tacos Chicken

Filet de blanc de poulet, frites, Sauce Poivre, Sauce Mayonnaise, Sauce Fromagère, cheddar

33.00 MAD

Tacos Mixte

Filet de blanc de poulet, steak haché, frites, Sauce Andalouse, Sauce Fromagère cheddar .

34.00 MAD

Tacos Nuggets

Nuggets, frites, Sauce biggy burger, sauce Fromagère cheddar .

35.00 MAD

Tacos Cordon Bleu

Cordon Bleu, frites, Sauce Barbecue, Sauce Fromagère cheddar.

39.00 MAD

Tacos Mega Mix Carne

Poulet Tex-mex, steak haché, poivrons, maïs, frites, sauce fromagère cheddar , Sauce Andalouse.

42.00 MAD

Chipotle & Cheese Jalapenos

Poulet Tex-mex, cheddar jalapenos, maïs, frites, poivrons, sauce fromagère cheddar, Sauce Magic Onion, Sauce Buffalo Tasty Grill.

42.00 MAD

Tacos Lyonnais

Steak haché, oignons, frites, Sauce Biggy Burger, Sauce Fromagère Emmental.

39.00 MAD

Buffalo Rodeo Texas

Steak haché ou Poulet Tex-Mex, frites, Sauce Buffalo Tasty Grill, oignons fondus, lardinettes de veau fumés, onions rings, Sauce Fromagère cheddar.

43.00 MAD

Tacos California Beach

Steak Haché, bacon de dinde fumé, frites, oignons, salade, tomates, avocat, Sauce Hawaii, Sauce Fromagère cheddar

45.00 MAD

Tacos California Classic

Blanc de poulet, bacon de dinde fumé, frites, avocat, crispy onions, Sauce Magic Onion, Sauce fromagère cheddar.

45.00 MAD

Tacos Hawaiian Ukulele

Steak haché, frites, ananas, jambon de dinde fumé, Sauce Hawaii, Sauce fromagère cheddar

48.00 MAD

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