Molly’s Diner

Molly’s Diner

Molly’s Diner

store rating 93% Very Good
service fee
5.00 MAD
Spend 30,00 MAD to avoid surcharge
This store is closed at the moment. Looking for somewhere similar?

Tacos Chicken

Filet de blanc de poulet, frites, Sauce Poivre, Sauce Mayonnaise, Sauce Fromagère, cheddar

33.00 MAD

Tacos Mixte

Filet de blanc de poulet, steak haché, frites, Sauce Andalouse, Sauce Fromagère cheddar .

34.00 MAD

Tacos Nuggets

Nuggets, frites, Sauce biggy burger, sauce Fromagère cheddar .

35.00 MAD

Turkish Kebab

Kebab de poulet émincé, Salade, tomates, oignons , fromage cheddar, Sauce Blanche.

29.00 MAD

Tacos Beef

Steak haché, frites, Sauce Algérienne, Sauce Fromagère cheddar .

33.00 MAD

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