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Sumo Sushi & Wok

Sumo Sushi & Wok

store rating 96% Very Good
38,99 MDL
Schedule for 21:35


Max set
Canada, California cu ton, Philadelphia cu somon gril, tempura surimi, Philadelphia classic, Philadelphia cu crevete -1.72kg/48buc
774,00 MDL
Black Window
Black Philadelpia, black Philadelpia cu somon grill, black surimi, black tuna, tempura cu ton, tempura cu surimi- 685g/48 buc
675,00 MDL
Set Tempura
Philadelphia clasic, tempura cu somon, tempura cu ton, tempura cu crevete, tempura surimi - 1.490kg/40buc
661,00 MDL
Set Sumo
Philadelphia clasic, Philadelphia somon grill, Tidzu surimi, tempura ton, tempura cu crevete - 1.405kg/40buc
599,00 MDL
Set Tora
Philadelphia clasic, philadelphia tamago, hiyashi roll, texas, maki cheese, tempura somon grill - 1.550kg/48buc
598,00 MDL
Fujiama set
Philadelphia clasic, cucumber roll, tanuki roll, red dragon -1.145kg/32 buc
511,00 MDL
Set Neko
Philadelphia clasic, bonito roll, California susan, maki surimi, tempura somon grill - 1.125kg/40buc
499,00 MDL
Set Sakura
Philadelphia clasic, California cu somon grill, ciuka roll, California surimi -1.08kg/32buc
499,00 MDL
Set kuma
Philadelphia clasic, Philadelphia tamago, california surimi, philadelphia somon grill - 32buc/1.09kg
461,00 MDL
Set Family
Philadelphia classic, Philadelphia surimi, Philadelphia cu somon grill, maki cu ton- 1kg/32buc
436,00 MDL
Set Raibow
Rainbow roll, flamingo roll, royal roll -922g/2buc
411,00 MDL
Set Ninja
Philadelphia clasic, California somon grill, tanuki roll- 860g/24buc
374,00 MDL
Set Inu
Philadelphia clasic, maki ton, tempura surimi - 725g/24buc
311,00 MDL


Gold Dragon
Orez, nori, crema de branza, avocado, crevete, tipar, sos unagi, susan - 310g
220,00 MDL
Orez, nori, crema de brinza, avocado, somon, tipar, sos unaghi, susan - 300g
219,00 MDL
Sumo roll
Orez, nori, crema de branza, avocado, tobico, somon, crevete tempura - 315g
201,00 MDL
Royal roll
Orez, nori, crema de branza, avocado, surimi, crevete, tipar, sos unaghi, susan - 300g
195,00 MDL
Green dragon
Orez, nori, crema de brinza, tipar, castraveti, tobiko, avocado, sos unagi, susan - 300g
186,00 MDL
Philadelphia cu tipar
Orez, nori, crema de brinza, tipar, avocado, castraveti, sos unaghi, susan - 290g
186,00 MDL
California classic
Orez, nori, castraveti, avocado, creveti, tobiko, tamago, maioneza japoneza - 280g
169,00 MDL
Ciuka Roll
Orez, nori, somon, crevete, salata wakame, sos spice - 270g
167,00 MDL
Rainbow Roll
Orez, nori, cremă de brânză, surimi, somon, ton, castraveți, avocado - 310g
163,00 MDL
Philadelphia Clasic
Orez, nori, crema de branza, avocado, castraveti, somon - 300g
158,00 MDL
Philadelphia cu crevete
Orez, nori, creveti, tobiko red, crema de branza, avocado, castraveti - 300g
158,00 MDL
Red Dragon
Orez, nori, castraveti, crema de branza, creveti, ton, tobiko - 295g
157,00 MDL
Tanuki roll
Orez, nori, crema de branza, somon, salata, tobiko- 290g
156,00 MDL
California Surimi
Orez, noritobiko, avocado, castraveti, tamago, surimi, maioneza japoneza- 280g
152,00 MDL
Orez, nori, crema de brânza, creveti, salata lola, susan - 245g
145,00 MDL
Philadelphia in susan
Orez, nori, crema de branza, somon, castraveti, avocado, susan - 280g
145,00 MDL
Cucumber roll
Orez, nori, crema de branza, avocado, castraveti, somon grill, sos unaghi, susan - 300g
142,00 MDL
Unaghi Roll
Orez, nori, crema de branza, tipar, salata ciuca, susan - 265g
142,00 MDL
Tidzu tuna
Orez, nori, sos picant, tobico, ton, ceapa verde, salata lola, susan - 215g
127,00 MDL
Vegan Roll
Orez, nori, castraveti, avocado, ardei dulce- 200g
85,00 MDL


Orez cu creveți și somon
Orez, crevete, somon, legume mix, ciuperci shiitake, frișcă, sos wok, susan
159,00 MDL
Udon cu fructe de mare
Udon, fructe de mare, ardei dulce, morcov, pastai, dovlecei, sos wok, susan
159,00 MDL
Funcioza cu creveti
Funcioza, crevete, ardei dulce, morcov, pastai, brocoli, sos wok, susan
154,00 MDL
Funcioza mix
Funcioza, creveți, carne de pui, legume mix, ciuperci shiitake, sos wok, susan
154,00 MDL
Soba cu carne de vita
Soba, carne de vita, ardei dulce, morcov, pastai, vinata, sos wok, susan
140,00 MDL
Orez cu carne de pui
Orez, carne de pui, ciuperci champignon, legume mix, sos wok, susan
109,00 MDL
Udon cu pui
Udon, carne de pui, ardei dulce, morcov, pastai, ciuperci, sos wok, susan
109,00 MDL
Orez cu legume
Orez, ardei gras, ciuperci champignon, păstăi, broccoli, morcov, sos wok, sos unaghi, susan
99,00 MDL
Udon cu legume
Udon, ardei gras, ciuperci champignon, păstai ,morcov, broccoli, sos wok, susan
99,00 MDL


Tom yum
Funcioza, crevete, ciuperci, frișca, lapte de cocos, roșii cherry, ardei chilli, susan
124,00 MDL
Miso cu somon si creveți
Somon, crevete, wakame, ceapa verde,s usan
115,00 MDL
Ramen cu fructe de mare
Funcioza, crevete, somon, ou, wakame, susan
115,00 MDL
Ramen cu carne de pui
Carne de pui, udon, ciuperci shiitake, ou, wakame, ceapă verde, ardei chilli, susan
111,00 MDL
Miso cu ciuperci
Ciuperci champignon, ciuperci shiitake, ceapă călită, wakame,susan
85,00 MDL


Cheff Roll
Nori, crema de branza, avocado, somon, ton, crevete, tobico, tempura, panco - 300g/8buc
211,00 MDL
Tempura tipar
Orez, nori, crema de branza, avocado, tobico, tempura, panco, tipar- 300g/8buc
159,00 MDL
Tempura crevete
Orez, nori, crema de branza, avocado, tobico, tempura, panco, crevete - 300g/8buc
149,00 MDL
Tempura somon
Orez, nori, crema de branza, avocado, tobico, tempura, panco, somon - 300g/8buc
149,00 MDL
Tempura ton
Orez, nori, crema de branza, avocado, tobico, tempura, panco, ton - 300g/8buc
149,00 MDL


Salata Hiyashi Wakame
Salata ciuca, sos de nuci - 150g
95,00 MDL


Banana roll
Cremă de brânză dulce, pastă de ciocolată, banană - 170g
99,00 MDL
Tropicana roll
Cremă de brânză dulce, kiwi, banana, ananas - 170g
99,00 MDL


Fanta Potocale
25,00 MDL
25,00 MDL
Dorna carbogazoasă
18,00 MDL
Dorna plată
18,00 MDL


Corona Extra
60,00 MDL
Bere Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc
55,00 MDL
Efes pilsener
45,00 MDL

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Frequently asked questions

How can I order Sumo Sushi & Wok delivery in Chisinau?
To order your Sumo Sushi & Wok delivery in Chisinau, all you have to do is open the Glovo website or app and go to “Chinese” category. Next, enter your address to see if delivery for Sumo Sushi & Wok is available in your area of Chisinau. Then you can choose the products you want and add them to your order. Once you complete the payment, your order will start to be prepared and soon after a courier will bring it directly to your door.
What can I order in Sumo Sushi & Wok in Chisinau?
Sumo Sushi & Wok offers a big variety of items you can order. Take a look at the product list and choose what you would like to order from Sumo Sushi & Wok.
How long does the Sumo Sushi & Wok delivery in Chisinau take?
After adding your delivery address you will be able to see how long is the expected delivery time for each store in your area. You can also check the expected delivery time for your order from Sumo Sushi & Wok at checkout.
Are there any promos for Sumo Sushi & Wok in Glovo?
Always look for discounted products and current special offers, which are marked in yellow. Sometimes you can find special offers such as 2 for 1 or discounted delivery!
How do other customers rate Sumo Sushi & Wok?
Sumo Sushi & Wok was recommended by 96% of customers who ordered their glovo from there. Place your order today and check if you also like it.