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Mercyann Kitchen

Mercyann Kitchen

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Main Meals

Jollof Rice and Chicken
Delicious Smokey Party Jollof Rice served with fried chicken 1 plate
Fried Rice and Chicken
Rich flavourful rice with mixed vegetables served with fried chicken 1 plate
Jollof Rice and Beef
Delicious Smokey Party Jollof Rice served with fried beef 1 plate
Egusi/ Ogbonno Soup served with Swallow
A choice of Semo, Eba or Fufu served with a choice of Egusi or Ogbonno Soup and Beef 1 plate


Deep fried dought with jam filling or sugar dusting pack
Chin Chin
Crunchy deep fried diced pack
Small Chops
Puff Puff, Samosa, Mosa, Springrolls, Chicken etc. 1 pack
Corn Dough (5 Pcs)
Ground Maize Dough 5pcs
Meat Pie
Savoury pastry with minced meat and diced vegetables filling 1 pc
Egg Roll
Sweetend dough with whole boiled egg filling 1pc

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