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17,99 RON

Pregatirea si livrarea comenzii pot dura pana la 2 ORE. Punga se achita separat. Produse livrate in limita stocului disponibil.

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Tena Pants Inco M 30 Buc
89,99 RON
Tena Pants Inco L 30 Buc
99,99 RON
Tena Lady Slim Pants L 7 Buc
36,65 RON
Tena Lady Slim Pants M 8 Buc
36,65 RON
Nivea Ulei Curatare Ten Sensibil150
27,99 RON
Byphasse Servetele Demach Ten Sens40Buc
13,19 RON
Elmiplant Serv.Demach. Ten Uscat 25Buc
12,99 RON
Nivea After Shave Balsam Ten Sens100
34,99 RON
Vivanatura Crema Fata Ten Gras Aloe75Ml
27,99 RON
Elmiplant Serv.Dem Ten Normal/Mixt 25Buc
12,99 RON
Cosmetic Plant Crema Albire Ten Galb.50
15,99 RON
Nivea Crema Pt Ras-Ten Sensibil 100Ml
9,39 RON
Nivea Visage Crema Zi Ten Normalq10 50Ml
47,49 RON
Nivea Aqua Eff. Crema Zi Ten Normal 50Ml
23,29 RON
Lotus Nat P Apa Micelara Ten Sens 250M
11,59 RON
Lipton Green Tea 1,5L
6,53 RON
Nestea Ice Tea Lamaie 0,5L
4,20 RON
Lipton Ice Tea Zmeura 0,5L
4,35 RON
Nestea Ice Tea Piersica 0,5L
4,20 RON
Lipton Ice Tea Piersici 1,5L
6,53 RON
Lipton Ice Tea Zmeura 1,5L
6,53 RON
Lipton Ice Tea Lemon 1,5L
6,53 RON
Yogi Tea Ceai Choco Bio 34G
19,59 RON
Nestea Ice Tea Piersica 1,5 L
5,77 RON
Nestea Ice Tea Lamaie 1,5 L
5,77 RON
Lipton Ice Tea Piersici Pet 0,5L
4,35 RON
Yogi Tea Bio Green Chai 30,6G
19,59 RON
Lipton Ice Tea Lemon Pet 0,5L
4,35 RON
Yogi Tea Ceai Eco Portocale 12X1,8G
12,79 RON
Yogi Tea Ceai Eco Lemongrass 12X1,8G
12,79 RON
Nivea Spuma De Curatare Green Tea 150Ml
29,99 RON
Yogi Tea Ceai Bio Curcuma, Portocale 34G
18,79 RON
Nestea Ice Tea Fructe De Padure 0,5L
4,20 RON
Yogi Tea Ceai Bio Ghimbir,Lamaie,Mar24G
12,79 RON
Yogi Tea Ceai Bio Aronia,Hibiscus,Mar24G
12,79 RON
Nestea Ice Tea Mango Si Ananas 0,5L
4,20 RON
Nestea ice tea aloe vera, capsuni 1,5l
5,29 RON
Nestea Ice Tea Fructe De Padure 1,5 L
5,77 RON
Nestea Ice Tea Mango Si Ananas 1,5 L
5,77 RON
Yogi Tea Ceai Bio Curcuma,Ghimb.,Lam.24G
12,79 RON
A Luna Suc Aloe Vera Green Tea 1,5L
9,26 RON
Babyliss Perie Dubla Pudra&Fond Ten1Buc
54,99 RON
President Beu.Tend Unt Tart.Semis.80%250
24,99 RON
Adm Pate De Ton 100G
12,99 RON
Mp Cleste Pentru Tevi 25Cm
24,99 RON
Tedi Cereale Scoici Cu Ciocolata 250G
6,09 RON
Tedi Play Zmeura 0,4L Pet
3,43 RON
Tedi Cereale Bilute Cu Ciocolata 250G
6,09 RON
Tedi Cereale Patrate Cu Scortisoara 250G
6,09 RON
Albina Carpatina Miere Tei 360G
17,79 RON
Edenia File Ton 400 G
41,99 RON
Tedi Play Capsuni 0,4L Pet
3,43 RON
Tedi Play Cirese 0,4L Pet
3,43 RON
Negro Salata Icre Cu Ton 140G
11,49 RON
Tedi Nectar Morc+Mar+Piersici43%0,2Ltpk
2,06 RON
Gourmet Gold Mousse Ton Hr.Pisici 85Gr
3,89 RON
Navodul Plin Ton Maruntit Ul.Saram.160G
11,19 RON
Delaco Toni Junior Br.Calc. Natur14%108G
6,79 RON
Tedi Suc De Mere 100% 0,3 L
2,99 RON
Tedi Nectar Multivitamin 50% 0,2L Tpk
2,06 RON
Klc Ton Bucati In Saramura 185G
7,79 RON
Tedi Nectar Morcov,Mar,Zmeura43%0,2Ltpk
2,06 RON
Whiskas Hrana Uscata Pisici Ton 1,4Kg
21,49 RON
Tedi Play Portocale Rosii 0,4L Pet
3,43 RON
Hawesta file ton in saramura 3x80g
23,99 RON
Hame Ton Bucati Suc Propriu 160G
10,39 RON
Calvo Ton In Sos Natur 160G
14,49 RON
Tedi Nectar Morcov+Mar+Piersici 38%0,9L
5,99 RON
Lavazza Qualita Oro Tin Cafea Macin.250
24,89 RON
Tedi Nectar Morcov+Mar+Zmeu43% 0,3 L
3,11 RON
Nuk Set Perii Spalat Biberoane&Tet.2In1
25,99 RON
Tedi Mousse Piersica Piure Fr.100%100G
2,94 RON
Calvo Ton In Ulei Vegetal, Eo, 80G
14,49 RON
Hame Ton Bucati Ulei Si Saramura 160G
10,39 RON
Delaco Toni Jr. Br. Alba Calcica14%3X72G
10,39 RON
John West Gustare Ton Stil Italian 220G
16,99 RON
Peak Out Gel Forte Desfundat Tevi 500Ml
9,95 RON
Mr Muscle Niagara Granule Desf Tevi 250G
6,99 RON
Klc Ton Bucati In Dressing Picant 185G
6,39 RON
Tedi Mousse Banane Piure Fr.100%100G
2,94 RON
Tedi Water Capsuni 0,1%Z 0,5L Pet
3,04 RON
Tedi Nectar Morcov Mar Banana 43% 0,9L
5,99 RON
Delaco Cascaval Toni Junior 45%Gr 250G
16,69 RON
Navodul Plin Ton Bucati In Ulei Veg160G
13,49 RON
Tedi Morc+Mar+Port 50% Tpk 0,2L
2,06 RON
Tedi Nectar Morcov Zmeura Mar43%0,9L Pet
5,99 RON
Calvo Ton In Sos De Rosii, Eo, 80G
12,89 RON
Felix crunchy & soft somon, ton, legume 950g
21,39 RON
Calvo Ton In Sos Natur, Eo, 80G
14,59 RON
Tedi Nectar Morcov+Mar+Piers 54% 0,3 L
3,11 RON
Tedi Nectar Morcov+Mar+Ban.43% 0,3 L
3,11 RON
Calvo Ton In Ulei Vegetal 80G 3+1Gratuit
43,47 RON
Mr Muscle Gel Desf Tevi Bucatarie 1 L
16,19 RON
Tedi Nectar Morcov+Mar+Port.54% 0,3 L
3,11 RON
Tedi Water Lamaie 0,1%Z 0,5 L Pet
3,04 RON
Hawesta file ton in ulei floarea soarelui 3x80g
23,99 RON
X Ki Set Tren 35 Pcs Din Lemn 1237343,18
79,99 RON

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Frequently asked questions

How can I order Kaufland delivery in Bucharest?
To order your Kaufland delivery in Bucharest, all you have to do is open the Glovo website or app and go to “Supermarket” category. Next, enter your address to see if delivery for Kaufland is available in your area of Bucharest. Then you can choose the products you want and add them to your order. Once you complete the payment, your order will start to be prepared and soon after a courier will bring it directly to your door.
What can I order in Kaufland in Bucharest?
Kaufland offers a big variety of items you can order. Take a look at the product list and choose what you would like to order from Kaufland.
Are there any promos for Kaufland in Glovo?
Always look for discounted products and current special offers, which are marked in yellow. Sometimes you can find special offers such as 2 for 1 or discounted delivery!
Is Kaufland available in Prime?
No. Prime is Glovo’s subscription program where you get unlimited free deliveries from some of our partners and other benefits!
What kind of products can I order from Kaufland?
Kaufland offers products from the following category: Supermarket. See the product list above to see what you can order. Don’t hesitate to check also other stores available in Supermarket in Bucharest.