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16,99 RON

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Banfi San Angelo Pinot Griggio 0.75 L
125,00 RON
Cramele Recas Solo Quinta 0.75 L
136,00 RON
Feudi di San Gregorio Greco di Tufo 0.75 L
105,00 RON
Negrini MUGA Negru De Dragasani 0.75 L
100,00 RON
SERVE Cuvee Sissi 0.75 L
87,00 RON
Negrini HEX Sauvignon Blanc/Feteasca Regala 0.75 L
70,00 RON
Perle De Roseline 0.75 L
85,00 RON
Gitana Lupi 0.75 L
150,00 RON
Cramele Recas Muse Night 0.75 L
95,00 RON
Feudi di San Gregorio Primitivo 0.75 L
85,00 RON
Liliac Roze 0.75 L
58,00 RON
Cramele Recas Sole Chardonnay 0.75 L
88,00 RON
Gitana Saperavi 0.75 L
115,00 RON
Davino Iacob Rosu 0.75 L
85,00 RON


Martini Rosu 1 L
66,00 RON
Martini Alb 1 L
69,99 RON
Campari 0.7 L
89,00 RON


Cognac Hennessy V.S. 0.7 L
230,00 RON
Cognac Courvoisier V.S. 0.7 L
180,00 RON

Lichior & Tequila

Sheridan's 0.7 L
125,00 RON
Bailey's 0.7 L
96,00 RON
Jose Cuervo Silver 0.75 L
100,00 RON
Jose Cuervo Gold 0.75 L
100,00 RON

Prosecco, Champagne & Spumant

Bottega Vino dei Poeti 0.7 L
85,00 RON
Bottega Brut 0.7 L
47,00 RON
Bortolin Angelo Brut 0.7 L
99,00 RON
Bortolin Angelo Extra Dry 0.7 L
99,00 RON
Bottega Rose 0.7 L
69,00 RON
Louis Roederer Brut Premier 0.7 L
290,00 RON
Bendis Rose 0.7 L
58,00 RON
Bendis Nadir 0.7 L
58,00 RON

Gin & Rom

Bombay Dry 0.7 L
120,00 RON
Tanqueray 0.7 L
100,00 RON
Malfy Grepfruit 0.7 L
232,00 RON
Hendrick's 0.7 L
225,00 RON
Gordon's Pink 0.7 L
75,00 RON
Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 0.7 L
78,00 RON
Havana Club 3 YO 0.7 L
87,00 RON

Whisky & Vodka

Jack Daniel's 0.7 L
118,00 RON
Chivas 12 YO 0.7 L
145,00 RON
Gentleman Jack 0.7 L
160,00 RON
Johnnie Walker Black 0.7 L
150,00 RON
Ballantines 0.7 L
70,00 RON
Johnnie Walker Red 0.7 L
83,00 RON
Glenlivet 0.7 L
160,00 RON
Chivas 18 YO 0.7 L
420,00 RON
Absolut 0.7 L
72,00 RON
Belvedere 0.7 L
215,00 RON
Grey Goose 0.7 L
210,00 RON

Palinca & Tuica

Bran Tuica de Pruna 0.7 L
176,00 RON


12,00 RON
Red Bull
8,00 RON

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