Pasta la Stef

Pasta la Stef

Pasta la Stef

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Acest restaurant aparține Pizza la Stef

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Schedule for: 11/1/21
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Paste La Stef

Paste, piept pui, ciuperci, broccoli, sos rosii, usturoi, mozzarella - 630g

24,00 LEI

Paste Carbonara

Paste, gran cucina, parmezan, ou - 450g

23,00 LEI

Paste Quattro Formaggi

Paste, gorgonzola, emmentaler, parmezan, gran cucina, mozzarella - 430g

27,00 LEI

Paste Tonno

Paste, ton, sos rosii, capere, ceapa rosie, masline - 490g

24,00 LEI

Paste Ortolana

Paste, ciuperci, ardei gras, ceapa rosie, masline, sos rosii, dovlecel - 430g

23,00 LEI



26,00 LEI

Paste Frutti di mare

Paste, fructe de mare, sos rosii, usturoi, creveti, peperoncino - 560g

34,50 LEI

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