Cosmetics delivery in Romania

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Get ready for a big day or a night on the tiles with same-day cosmetics delivery in Romania. By working with scores of major partners across Romania, we can help you to get what you need when you need it.

The cosmetics don’t even have to be for you! Glovo’s cosmetics delivery in Romania is the perfect way to pick up a gift for a friend or loved one. Many of the partners we work with sell gift packs for men and women, giving you a wide choice of products, styles, fragrances, and more. So, if you don’t have time to visit the shops or you’ve forgotten a birthday or anniversary, order today!

Our reach spans many major cities and towns in Romania, including Bucharest, Constanța, and Brașov, and we work with an assortment of different chains and independent cosmetics shops.

If you’ve just landed here after a search for “cosmetics near me” and you’ve yet to be introduced to our way of doing things, don’t worry! Glovo is incredibly easy to use and our courier will be knocking at your door and handing over those cosmetics before you know it.

First things first, enter your address in the form that says, “what’s your address”. You can also just click “use current location”. 

You’ll be presented with a series of bubbles displaying options like “Food” and “Supermarket”. The one we need is “Pharmacy & Beauty”.

After clicking this option, you’ll see a complete list of pharmacies and cosmetics shops in your city. To narrow it down further, choose “cosmetics” from the filter list.

You can now choose one of the stores and browse through their selection. When you find what you’d like, simply add the items to your cart, place your order, and wait for the courier!

Our couriers will collect your order and deliver it to your door. Job done, order complete—you now have your cosmetics!

Cosmetics delivery in Romania

The best cosmetics delivery shops

The best cosmetics delivery shops in Romania

Looking for cosmetics near you? Look no further!

With cosmetics delivery in Romania, you can order an array of different cosmetics products, including perfume, cologne, bath products, soaps, and more. Many of our cosmetics partners also sell candles and other products for the home, as well as toothpaste, shaving creams, and hair styling supplies.

Gift packs and holiday packs are very popular as well. There are product bundles “for him” and “for her”. You can also find some festive-themed goodies at Christmas and even some spooky options during Halloween.

It all depends on the shop and what they have to offer.

Some of the biggest partners for cosmetics delivery in Romania include dm drogerie markt, Douglas, Cupio, and Miniso. All of our partners receive ratings based on their level of service and you can even see ratings on the company’s page. These pages show an estimated delivery time, giving you an idea of how long it will take them to deliver your product.

So, if you need some high-quality cosmetics near you, place your order with Glovo today!

The best cosmetics delivery shops in Romania

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FAQs about cosmetics delivery

How long does cosmetics delivery in Romania take?

Several factors influence how long it takes to get your cosmetics order. Your distance from the cosmetics shop is key—the further away you are, the longer it will take our courier to reach you. The type and size of the order will also impact the delivery time, as will the efficiency of the shop that takes your order.

All shops offering cosmetics delivery in Romania display their average delivery time at the top of their shop pages. Check this to get a rough idea of how long it will take. Remember, this is just an estimate and you may receive your products sooner or later than the stated time.

Can I order from cosmetics shops near me?

If there are cosmetics shops nearby, and those shops are on Glovo, then yes, you can order from them. Type your address into the correct field (on either the Glovo app or through the Glovo website) and use the bubbles and filters to check for cosmetics near you.

We work with many partners across a wide range of categories, so there are always plenty of options available on Glovo.

What are the best shops offering cosmetics delivery in Romania?

We work with major national and international chains, as well as smaller independent providers. The result is that we cover a wider range of products and ensure that you always have a varied selection to choose from.

All cosmetics shops are rated, and you can see these ratings when you search. dm drogerie markt is number one right now, but Douglas, Cupio, and Miniso have also gone down really well with our customers. Not sure where to order? These top partners are a great place to start. Check out their product lists today.

What cities offer cosmetics delivery in Romania?

We offer cosmetics delivery throughout Romania, including Bucharest, Constanța, Brașov, and Timișoara. It’s not just the big cities, either. Our reach is considerable and it’s growing all of the time as we introduce more partners to our network.

To see if we cover your area, just add your address to the search bar and see what comes up. If we’re not in your area yet, don’t worry, as that could change in the near future.

What kind of products can I purchase from cosmetics shops in Romania?

What do you need? Our partners sell everything from fragrances, makeup, and skincare to hair products, shaving products, gift sets, and fragrances for the home. It all depends on the partners available in your area, so take a look at their product lists and find out for yourself!