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Mr. Jeff

Mr. Jeff

Mr. Jeff

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service fee
10,00 RON

Servicii de spalatorie si curatatorie haine.

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No live tracking available. Orders are delivered directly by the store.


Geaca sau pardesiu
30,00 RON
Palton sau cojoc
30,00 RON
Sacou sau geaca primavara
16,00 RON
Geaca lunga
30,00 RON
Costum 2 piese
27,00 RON
Rochie ocazie
45,00 RON
Rochie mireasa
130,00 RON
13,00 RON
Pantofi sport textili
16,00 RON
Pantofi sport piele
25,00 RON
10,00 RON
Haina sau pantalon piele
50,00 RON
Sacou piele
35,00 RON
Haina blana scurta
80,00 RON
Haina blana lunga
100,00 RON


Punga standard Cu abonament
24,00 RON
Punga standard Fara abonament
30,00 RON
Punga mare cu abonament
40,00 RON
Punga mare fara abonament
50,00 RON
Vesta costum
13,00 RON
10,00 RON
Esarfa, sal sau fular
8,00 RON
Pantalon sau fusta
12,00 RON
Pantalon scurt
9,00 RON
Camasa sau bluza
13,00 RON
Rochie de zi
19,00 RON


40,00 RON
Covor (m2)
16,00 RON
Perdea sau draperie(m2)
4,00 RON
Lenjerie pat
32,00 RON
32,00 RON
43,00 RON
31,00 RON
Pui perna
22,00 RON


Articol calcat cu abonamnet
4,80 RON
Articol calcat fara abonament
6,50 RON
Articol calcat mediu cu abonament
8,00 RON
Articol calcat mediu fara abonament
9,00 RON
12 articole calcate cu abonament
65,00 RON
12 articole calcate fara abonament
65,00 RON
Articol spalat si calcat cu abonament
6,00 RON
Articol spalat si calcat fara abonament
8,90 RON
12 articole spalate si calcate cu si fara abonament
90,00 RON

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