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Coffeerize Botanic

Coffeerize Botanic

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Italian toast
Pâine toast, salam picant, cremă fină de brânză cu busuioc și roșii uscate, sos pesto - 200g
25,00 RON
California toast
Pâine toast, șuncă, cremă fină de brânză, cheddar, castraveți murați, sos chimichurri - 200g
25,00 RON
Flat white
Espresso dublu, cremă de lapte - 220ml
17,00 RON
Un espresso dublu și o porție egală de cremă de lapte - 100ml
15,00 RON
Un espresso cremos cu spumă de lapte pufoasă! - 180ml
14,00 RON
Espresso macchiato
Un espresso învelit cu un strat pufos de cremă de lapte. Un deliciu! - 80ml
12,00 RON
Cea mai apropiată varianta a cafelei americane obtinută dintr-un shot dublu de espresso - 150ml
12,00 RON
Espresso dublu
Espresso cremos din cafea de specialitate prăjită aici, în Timișoara - 40ml
12,00 RON

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Frequently asked questions

What can I order in Coffeerize Botanic in Timișoara?
Coffeerize Botanic offers a big variety of items you can order. Take a look at the product list and choose what you would like to order from Coffeerize Botanic.
How long does the Coffeerize Botanic delivery in Timișoara take?
After adding your delivery address you will be able to see how long is the expected delivery time for each store in your area. You can also check the expected delivery time for your order from Coffeerize Botanic at checkout.
Is Coffeerize Botanic available in Prime?
No. Prime is Glovo’s subscription program where you get unlimited free deliveries from some of our partners and other benefits!
When can I order delivery from Coffeerize Botanic?
During Coffeerize Botanic’s working hours you can place your order at any time. Thanks to our speedfast delivery you will be able to enjoy your glovo within minutes! You can also schedule your delivery to a time that would be convenient for you, even if the store is currently closed.
How do other customers rate Coffeerize Botanic?
Coffeerize Botanic was recommended by 100% of customers who ordered their glovo from there. Place your order today and check if you also like it.