Butchery delivery in Belgrade

Frequent questions about Butcher's in Belgrade

What types of butchery products can I get with delivery?

You can have every type of butchery product available in butchery stores around you that cooperate with Glovo. Take a look at their range and choose which products you’d like to order!

How much does butchery delivery in Belgrade cost?

The cost of butchery delivery in Belgrade varies from store to store. It depends on many factors, such as the distance from the store. You can see the price of delivery before you choose a store. You’ll also see it in the breakdown of costs before checkout.

How long will it take for my butchery delivery to arrive?

The delivery time depends on many factors, from traffic congestion to the amount of orders the store is preparing at the moment. You can see the expected delivery time of each store before choosing it. 

After placing your order, you’ll also see an expected time of delivery. On average butchery delivery in Belgrade takes around 59 minutes.

How can I order delivery from butchery stores near me?

It’s very easy! To order butchery delivery in Belgrade you just need to open Glovo’s website or app. Then introduce your address and select the “Butchery” category. You’ll then be able to choose a store and place your order. Soon, a courier will deliver your order to you.