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store rating 100% Excellent
99,99 дин.
Glovo Prime


Ćureći sote Neptun
Tikvice, praziluk, majčina dušica, kisela pavlaka i prilog
1.200 RSD
Svinjski file u sosu od pečuraka
Svinjski file, tartufi sos, šampinjoni i prilog
1.150 RSD
Piletina sa 4 vrste sira
Gorgonzola, gauda, parmezan, mocarela i prilog
1.100 RSD
Pileća karađorđeva
Kačkavalj, šunka, kajmak i prilog
1.100 RSD
Pileći kari
Luk, paprika, pečurke, kari sos, pirinač
1.100 RSD
Ćuretina sa 4 vrste sira
Gorgonzola, gauda, parmezan, mocarela i prilog
1.100 RSD
Svinjski file Lioneze
1.050 RSD
Piletina pestođenoveze
Pesto sos, neutralna pavlaka i prilog
1.000 RSD
Hrskava piletina
900 RSD


Lignje na žaru
300 grama
1.600 RSD
Lignje pržene
300 grama
1.600 RSD
Porcija ribe brancin 450 grama
1.550 RSD
Porcija ribe orada 450 grama
1.400 RSD
Porcija ribe losos 200 grama
1.350 RSD
Smuđ na orli
Porcija ribe smuđ 300 grama
1.250 RSD
Porcija ribe tuna 200 grama
1.250 RSD
Fileti smuđa
Komad ribe smuđ 200 grama
950 RSD
Pastrmka na žaru
Porcija ribe pastrmke 300 grama pripremljena na žaru
780 RSD

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Frequently asked questions

How can I order Neptun delivery in Kragujevac?
To order your Neptun delivery in Kragujevac, all you have to do is open the Glovo website or app and go to “Fish” category. Next, enter your address to see if delivery for Neptun is available in your area of Kragujevac. Then you can choose the products you want and add them to your order. Once you complete the payment, your order will start to be prepared and soon after a courier will bring it directly to your door.
How much does Neptun delivery in Kragujevac cost?
In order to see how much the delivery from Neptun in Kragujevac costs, see the delivery fee at the top of the page. You will also be able to see it in the breakdown of costs before placing your order.
Is Neptun available in Prime?
No. Prime is Glovo’s subscription program where you get unlimited free deliveries from some of our partners and other benefits!
When can I order delivery from Neptun?
During Neptun’s working hours you can place your order at any time. Thanks to our speedfast delivery you will be able to enjoy your glovo within minutes! You can also schedule your delivery to a time that would be convenient for you, even if the store is currently closed.
How do other customers rate Neptun?
Neptun was recommended by 100% of customers who ordered their glovo from there. Place your order today and check if you also like it.