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Pizza Sunce

Pizza Sunce

Pizza Sunce

store rating 98% Excellent
service fee
200,00 дин.
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AKCIJA -Pizza Capriciosa 50cm
Pelat, sir, šunka, pečurke, origano
1.400,00 дин.


Pizza Sunce
Duplo testo, pelat, gorgonzola, parmezan, masline, origano
1.300,00 дин.
Pizza Mexicana
1.100,00 дин.
Pizza Quattro Stagioni
Pelat sir, pečenica, šunka, zimska kobasica, pečurke, masline, origrano
430,00 дин.
Pizza Quattro Formaggi
Gauda, mocarela, gorgonzola, paremzan, masline, origano
430,00 дин.
Pizza Amerikana
Pelat, sir, kulen, pomfrit, bosiljak
410,00 дин.
Pizza Rukola
Pelat, sir, pečenica, parmezan, rukola, origano, čeri paradajz, masline
410,00 дин.
Pizza Čili
Pelat, sir, kulen, čili sos, feferone, origano
330,00 дин.
Pizza Bacon
Pelat, sir, šunka, slanina, pečurke, jaje, feferone
330,00 дин.
Pizza Salami
Pelat, sir, pečurke, zimska kobasica, crni luk, origrano, pavlaka, masline
330,00 дин.
Pizza Capricciosa
Pelat, sir, šunka, pečurke, origano
320,00 дин.
Pizza Vezuvio
Pelat, sir, šunka, origano
300,00 дин.
Pizza Vegeterijana
Pelat, biljni sir, paprika, crveni luk, šampinjoni, kukuruz šećerac, masline
300,00 дин.
Pizza parče Sunce
280,00 дин.
Pizza parče Capricciosa
170,00 дин.

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