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Mercator Hipermarket

Mercator Hipermarket

store rating 94% Very Good
249,00 дин.

Proizvodi se isporučuju u okviru dostupnih zaliha. Napomena: u narednom periodu kupovina brašna, šećera i ulja je ograničena na 4 kilograma (litra). Hvala na razumevanju. Kese se naplaćuju dodatno u skladu sa potrebama porudžbine.

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Fa gel za tusiranje yoghurt 250ml 3838824317298
329,99 дин.
Felce Azzura gel za tusiranje classico 400ml 8001280013973
349,99 дин.
Dove gel za tusiranje deep nourish 250ml 8712561593335
589,99 дин.
Dove deeply nourishing shower gel 500ml 8712561593533
579,99 дин.
Dove deeply nourishing wash 750ml 8712561594424
639,99 дин.
Palmolive gel za tusiranje natural milk&honey 250ml 8714789732879
399,99 дин.
Palmolive pena za kupanje naturals milk&honey 500ml Palmolive 8714789733159
429,99 дин.
Nivea gel za tusiranje creme car 250ml 9005800223025
259,99 дин.
Nivea creme care gel za tusiranje 500ml 9005800282497
719,99 дин.
Dove gel tus exfoliating 250ml dove 8712561614573
589,99 дин.
Olea gel tus kok/van 300ml olea 3850334567901
159,99 дин.
Felce azzurra pena tus original 650ml felce azzurra 8001280068003
639,99 дин.


Nivea mleko za telo 400ml Beiersdorf 9005800308289
859,99 дин.
Dove essential nourishment mleko za telo 250ml 5948517073504
709,99 дин.
Nivea Intimo Sensitive losion za ciscenje 250ml 9005800354538
529,99 дин.
Olea skidac laka za nokte uljani bez acetona 70ml 8606101964528
109,99 дин.
Olea uljani skidac laka sa acetonom 70ml 8606101964511
104,99 дин.
Nivea losion za ucvrscivanje tela Q10 400ml 4005808702787
1.099,00 дин.
Nivea firming body milk 400ml 4005900012029
1.099,00 дин.
Titania Solingen makazice 1050/10H 4008576314473
979,99 дин.
Dove essential nourishment body milk 400ml 8711600368804
569,99 дин.
Nivea mleko za telo n body sa 625ml nivea 4005900669704
799,99 дин.


Nivea dezodorans fresh 150ml 4005808723256
359,99 дин.
Dove dezodorans original 150ml 8717644060490
399,99 дин.
Dove stick 40g 85904347
499,99 дин.
Dove fresh dezodorans 150ml 08717163533888
399,99 дин.
Nivea dezodorans biserna lepota 150ml 4005808734528
359,99 дин.
Dove dezodorans invisible dry 150ml 8717644060872
399,99 дин.
Nivea dezodorans protect&care zenski 150ml 9005800262048
359,99 дин.
Dove deo restoring ritual 150ml dove 8717163714874
399,99 дин.
Dove deo invisible dry 200ml dove 8717163965276
399,99 дин.


Gillette venus brijac rivera 2/1 Procter&Gamble 7702018016822
719,99 дин.
Gillette simply venus brijac sa trostrukim osticama 3 kom 7702018018123
410,00 дин.
Wilkinson brijac xtreme 3 beauty 1s 4027800110476
139,99 дин.
Gillette simply venus brijac sa trostrukom ostricoma 1 kom 7702018602988
299,99 дин.
399,99 дин.
Brijac miss soleil color col b of 4 bic 3086123303843
499,99 дин.
Patrone gillette venus breeze blades 4cts gillette 7702018886364
2.429,00 дин.
Venus brijac gillet disp 3's pink 447 venus 7702018438563
949,99 дин.
Bic brijac miss sol color hc of 10 bic 3086123399471
139,99 дин.
Venus brijac z sensitive dispo 3ct venus 7702018491544
949,99 дин.


Nive akrema 150ml 4005808157983
329,99 дин.
Nivea krema 75ml 42163176
199,99 дин.
Nivea krema univerzalna 250ml 4005808158980
479,99 дин.
Nivea soft krema 200ml 4005808758968
749,99 дин.
Nivea krema soft 100ml 4005808760435
569,99 дин.
Solea krema univerzalna 60 ml Henkel 7613107420058
199,99 дин.
Nivea krema soft univerzalna 300ml 4005808760466
849,99 дин.
Fitogal specijalna glicerinska krema sa ekstraktom kamilice 80ml 8600102126930
229,99 дин.
359,99 дин.
Antibakterijski gel za dezinfikaciju ruku 70ml 8600931005758
119,99 дин.
Dove krema ruke coconut milk 75ml dove 8710447275313
239,99 дин.
Olea krema ruke sa kamil glice 80ml olea 8605002340561
99,99 дин.


Nivea - double effect losion za uklanjanje sminke oko ociju 125ml 9005800336442
449,99 дин.
Nivea krema Anti Age Visage 50ml 9005800244143
2.299,00 дин.
579,99 дин.
Nivea krema lice dn pr bora 55+50ml nivea 9005800290867
599,99 дин.
Nivea maramice za ciscenje lica za suvu kozu Nivea 9005800267654
539,99 дин.
Nivea micelarne maramice rose 25/1 nivea 9005800339948
539,99 дин.


Glicerin Sapun bor cvrsti sapun rucno pravljen 8606001252763
189,99 дин.
Nivea cream sapun 100g 4005808135318
159,99 дин.
Dove sapun tecni pumpica 250 ml Unilever 8717644460979
349,99 дин.
Nivea Sea minerals - tvrdi sapun sa morskim mineralima 90g 4005808176489
109,99 дин.
Labello Origial lip balm - negujuci balzam za usne 5,5ml 4005808764006
199,99 дин.
Palmolive induliging delight - toaletni sapun sa ekstraktima meda i mleka 8693495034180
84,99 дин.
Fresh tecni sapun badem&vanila 1l Piramida 8606106325737
159,99 дин.
Familiy care liquid soap ubija bakterije i mikrobe tecni sapun 1000ml 8606106325720
159,99 дин.
Family care liquid soap milk & honey tecni sapun 1000ml 8606106325768
159,99 дин.
Sapun sa antibakterijskim efektom 90g 8006540559406
139,99 дин.
Dove sapun regular 500ml 4000388179004
319,99 дин.
Fa Yogurt Sensitive kremasti sapun 90g 9000101019445
50,00 дин.
Dove sapun tec shea butte dop 500ml dove 8712561023566
319,99 дин.
Fresh sapun tec maslin&aloe vera 1l fresh 8606106325751
159,99 дин.
Dove sapun tec lotus reffil 500ml dove 8710447482179
319,99 дин.
Dove sapun tec coconut reffil 500ml dove 8710447482186
319,99 дин.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does Mercator Hipermarket delivery in Novi Sad cost?
In order to see how much the delivery from Mercator Hipermarket in Novi Sad costs, see the delivery fee at the top of the page. You will also be able to see it in the breakdown of costs before placing your order.
How long does the Mercator Hipermarket delivery in Novi Sad take?
After adding your delivery address you will be able to see how long is the expected delivery time for each store in your area. You can also check the expected delivery time for your order from Mercator Hipermarket at checkout.
Is Mercator Hipermarket available in Prime?
No. Prime is Glovo’s subscription program where you get unlimited free deliveries from some of our partners and other benefits!
When can I order delivery from Mercator Hipermarket?
During Mercator Hipermarket’s working hours you can place your order at any time. Thanks to our speedfast delivery you will be able to enjoy your glovo within minutes! You can also schedule your delivery to a time that would be convenient for you, even if the store is currently closed.
What kind of products can I order from Mercator Hipermarket?
Mercator Hipermarket offers products from the following category: Groceries. See the product list above to see what you can order. Don’t hesitate to check also other stores available in Groceries in Novi Sad.