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Mercator Hipermarket

Mercator Hipermarket

store rating 94% Very Good
249,00 дин.

Proizvodi se isporučuju u okviru dostupnih zaliha. Napomena: u narednom periodu kupovina brašna, šećera i ulja je ograničena na 4 kilograma (litra). Hvala na razumevanju. Kese se naplaćuju dodatno u skladu sa potrebama porudžbine.

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Niksicko pivo 0.5 l limenka Apatinska pivara 8600105001678
91,99 дин.
Heinken pivo can 0,5l 8712000900373
119,99 дин.
Niksicko tamno pivo 0,5l 8600105001838
99,99 дин.
Heineken Amstel pivo can 0,5l 5201261016020
64,99 дин.
Carlsberg pivo Tuborg can 0,5l 8600102672307
124,99 дин.
Carlsberg pivo can 0,5l 8690582722401
134,99 дин.
Carlsberg pivo Lav can 0,5l 8600102672390
74,99 дин.
Apatin Jelen pivo can 0,5l 8600105003535
87,99 дин.
Budweiser pivo Carlsberg 0,33l 8594403430127
169,99 дин.
Budweiser pivo 0,5l limenka Carlsberg 8594403310115
129,99 дин.
Apatin Stella Artois pivo 0,33l 8600105004419
197,99 дин.
Holsten Premium pivo, limenka 0,5l, 1 kom. 8600102672888
94,99 дин.
Apatin pivo Lowenbrau can 0,5l 8600105001586
74,99 дин.
Nektar pivo nektar 0.5l can 3871137000068
84,99 дин.
Kozel pivo kozel premium lim 0.5l 8594404005782
139,99 дин.
Jelen fresh pivo grejpfrut 0.5 can jelen fresh 8600105004181
132,99 дин.
Jelen fresh pivo limun&nana 0.5l can Jelen fresh 8600105004167
132,99 дин.
Bavaria pivo premium 0.25 npb bavaria 87316650
99,99 дин.
Pivo bira moretti 0.33l npb 8001435310018
147,99 дин.
Pivo bavaria premium 0.5l can 8600105004013
112,99 дин.
Bayreuther pivo hell 0.5l npb sebre bayreuther 4017300003439
219,99 дин.
Salto pivo belgrade ipa 0.33l npb salto 8606110669070
199,99 дин.
Zajecarsko pivo zajecarsko can 0.33l heineken 8606107561363
72,99 дин.
Heineken pivo 0.33l can heineken 8606107561837
92,99 дин.
Kronenbourg pivo blanc 0.5l can kronenbourg 3080216031811
124,99 дин.
Kronenbourg pivo blanc 0.33l nrb kronenbourg 8600331001664
124,99 дин.
Staropramen pivo nefiltrirano 0.5l can staropramen 8593868005222
114,99 дин.
Pivo blue moon 0.33l npb 5010038454831
247,99 дин.
Salto pivo wit 0.33l salto 8606110669032
209,99 дин.
Lav pivo premium 0.5l can lav 8600331001824
79,99 дин.
Birra moretti pivo 0.5l can birra moretti 5942105005786
97,99 дин.
Salto pivo lager 0.33l npb salto 8606110669001
197,99 дин.
Pivo san miguel especial 0.5l can 8410655001772
141,99 дин.
Heineken bezalkoholno pivo 0.33l can Heineken 8606109308201
97,99 дин.
Dogma brewery pivo hoptopod ipa 0.5l can dogma brewery 8606108344217
384,99 дин.
Pivo alfa 0.5l can 5201261031023
125,99 дин.
Pivo alfa 0.33l retro 5201261032877
119,99 дин.
Birra Moretti pivo 0.33l can birra moretti 8006890680386
82,99 дин.
Carlsberg pivo 0,5l 3859888291270
144,99 дин.
Paulaner pivo 0.5 l 4066600211815
179,99 дин.
Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier psenicno svetlo pivo 0,5l 4066600010197
177,99 дин.
Staropramen pivo 0,5l 8600105001890
104,99 дин.
Lasko pivo zlatorog can 0,5l 3830001711035
92,99 дин.
Heinken pivo 0,25l 8712000030797
149,99 дин.
Bavaria bezalkoholno pivo can 0,5l 8714800011679
124,99 дин.
Carlsberg psenicno pivo Erdinger can 0,5l 4002103292876
184,99 дин.
Erdinger pivo Carlsberg 0,5l 4002103200147
274,99 дин.
Pivo corona 0,355l Apatinska pivara 7501064191466
309,99 дин.
Zajecarsko svetlo pivo 0,5l limenka 8600649000427
87,99 дин.
Grolsh Premium Lager pivo 0,5l 0083741150012
164,99 дин.
Grimbergen blonde svetlo pivo 0,33l 3080216034508
99,99 дин.
Niksicko svetlo pivo 0,5l 3+1 gratis (4x0,5l) 8600105003146
367,99 дин.
Sol svetlo pivo 0,33l 52100383
294,99 дин.
Apatin Leffe blonde pivo 0,33l 5410228166665
229,99 дин.
Hoegaarden svetlo pivo 0,33l 5410228141785
244,99 дин.
Erdinger pivo Calsberg 0,5l 4002103288916
259,99 дин.
Guinness pivo 0,44l 5000213101889
199,99 дин.
Merak pasterizovano svetlo pivo 0,5l 8600331000704
59,99 дин.
Grolsch premium lager pivo, 450ml, 1 kom. 87167016
309,99 дин.
Carlsberg pivo budweiser tamno 0,5l 8594403707649
149,99 дин.
Pilsner Urquell pivo, limenka 0,5l, 1 kom. 8594404115115
99,99 дин.
Kozel Dark pivo 0,5l 8594404008042
139,99 дин.
Apatinska pivara pivo Stell Artois can 0,5l 8600105004501
99,99 дин.
La Trappe Quadrupel tamno pivo 0,75l 8711406135723
1.054,99 дин.
San Miguel Fresca svetlo pivo 0,33l 8410655006517
249,99 дин.
Grimbergen blonde pivo 0,5l 4770349231378
99,99 дин.
Erdinger Alkoholfrei bezalkoholno pivo 0,5l 4002103282020
164,99 дин.
Estrella Damm pivo, 0,5l, 1 kom. 8410793282934
137,99 дин.
Estrella Damm pivo, limenka 0,5l, 1 kom. 8410793286123
147,99 дин.
pivo bernard celebrat 0.5l Trampex 8594003352614
339,99 дин.
Kabinet pivo kabinet porter 0.33l kabinet 8606016700099
292,99 дин.
Trampex pivo bernard amber lager 0.5l npb Trampex 8594003352331
339,99 дин.
Trampex pivo bernard dark lager 0.5l npb Trampex 8594003352522
339,99 дин.
apatinska pivo hoegaarden 0.5l apatinska 5410228169604
189,99 дин.
kabinet pivo brrkaaa 0.33l npb kabinet 8606016700150
252,99 дин.
Pivo Salto Pale Ale 0.33L NPB 8606110669056
257,99 дин.
Heineken bezalkoholno pivo 0,25l npb Heineken 8606107561707
157,99 дин.


Smirnoff Ice diageo 0,275l 5410316983709
169,99 дин.
Koktel mojito 0.33l le coq 4740098090649
169,99 дин.
Koktel blue lagoon 0.33l le coq 4740098090601
169,99 дин.
Koktel sex on the beach 0.33l le coq 4740098090663
169,99 дин.
Smirnoff alcopops ice rdc cl 275ml npb smirnoff 5410316951227
169,99 дин.
Somersby cider mango & lime 033l npb somersby 8600331001879
119,99 дин.
Somersby cider jabuka 0.33l npb somersby 7310070764973
119,99 дин.
Somersby cider kruska 0.33l npb somersby 8606106174564
119,99 дин.
Somersby cider jabuka 0.5l can somersby 8600331000605
109,99 дин.
Smirnoff Ice 0,275 l 4 komada ( 0,275x4) 8600229003527
599,99 дин.
Somersby cider borovnica 0.5l can somersby 8600331001305
164,99 дин.
Somersby cider borovnica 0.33l npb somersby 8600331001329
119,99 дин.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does Mercator Hipermarket delivery in Novi Sad cost?
In order to see how much the delivery from Mercator Hipermarket in Novi Sad costs, see the delivery fee at the top of the page. You will also be able to see it in the breakdown of costs before placing your order.
How long does the Mercator Hipermarket delivery in Novi Sad take?
After adding your delivery address you will be able to see how long is the expected delivery time for each store in your area. You can also check the expected delivery time for your order from Mercator Hipermarket at checkout.
Is Mercator Hipermarket available in Prime?
No. Prime is Glovo’s subscription program where you get unlimited free deliveries from some of our partners and other benefits!
When can I order delivery from Mercator Hipermarket?
During Mercator Hipermarket’s working hours you can place your order at any time. Thanks to our speedfast delivery you will be able to enjoy your glovo within minutes! You can also schedule your delivery to a time that would be convenient for you, even if the store is currently closed.
What kind of products can I order from Mercator Hipermarket?
Mercator Hipermarket offers products from the following category: Groceries. See the product list above to see what you can order. Don’t hesitate to check also other stores available in Groceries in Novi Sad.