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Veni sees chicken
If you want everyone to know what you ordered, opt for this rich and juicy portion. From the kitchen, you will smell smoke and smoked cheese, chicken fillet, ham, mozzarella sauce, and mashed potato pesto! Come, see, eat ... And come back ...
1.150,00 дин.

BREAKFAST (we have breakfast until 12 noon)

Deacons of Vojvodina
Bogat i domaći doručak, napravljen kao nekad, od dva jaja, kranjske kobasice, hrskave slaninica, feta sira, paradajza, začinjenog krompira, senfa i ajvara. Fruštuk za koji bi i baka rekla da ste dovoljno pojeli!
650,00 дин.
Bella Ciao
Sendvič koji obećava! Za Vas, sveže umešena i ispečena ćebata, filovana mocarelom, paradajzom, domaćim pestom, posuta svežom rukolom i ajsbergom. Poslužen sa hrskavim pomfritom. Pršuta, kulen ili buđola, Vi ste na potezu da odaberete.
650,00 дин.
Breakfast at home - Zeppelin breakfast
Scrambled eggs with feta, fine prosciutto, fresh rocket and tomato in a crispy bun
590,00 дин.
Bećarski fruštuk
Mix of fresh vegetables with eggs served on a homemade bun with mozzarella, feta cheese and crispy bacon
550,00 дин.
Egg whites, egg yolks and vegetables
Next to you, scrambled eggs or an omelette of three eggs, freshly picked and for you vegetables, with tomatoes and feta
550,00 дин.


Grilled hallumi cheese
Made in Cyprus, grilled on Zeppelin, cheese made from goat's and sheep's milk, served on a mix of green salads with cherry tomatoes and pickled pears, an ideal challenge for lovers of culinary adrenaline
690,00 дин.
Italian faith - Italian bruschetta pomodori
On freshly prepared and baked pizza dough, our bruschettas will not leave you indifferent. White and red game of mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, sprinkled with arugula, parmesan and homemade pesto sauce, disarms even the biggest bruschetta fans
570,00 дин.
LENT. Baked pizza bread coated with a mixture of spices and garlic. An ideal pastime for beer drinkers. And entertainment with a glass of conversation
330,00 дин.
Pizza sticks
LENT. A snack, and a dessert, with which Italian grandmothers are waiting for guests! Taze, baked pizza sticks for you, with garlic sauce, ideal for old friends, or the bravest ones, on your first date
330,00 дин.


Chicken cream soup
Za dan posle, za pre ručka! Okrepljujuća, domaća, čarobna, zdrava... I ukusna!
420,00 дин.
Potage of the day
420,00 дин.


Zeppelin's Gambit
A dish that smells of finely prepared beef steak, and elegance! Homemade gnocchi with beef fillet, topped with mushroom sauce, give a special note to your meal, which with our Gambit, becomes a festive meal
1.050,00 дин.
Bačka Koza Nostra
Homemade, and authentically Italian tagliatelle prepared with chicken fillet and ham in a spicy sauce, as a fruit of love, Italian culinary skills, and Bačka gourmet
950,00 дин.
Rizo Fungo-Poli
Risotto that awakens a slight feeling of pride in us, and a feeling of satisfaction in you! Finely roasted chicken meat, with a mix of mushrooms, all hidden in juicy and delicious rice, will give you an unforgettable game of flavors
950,00 дин.
Carbonara authentic Italian
Homemade tagliatelle with light but enough fried bacon, and parmesan in cream carbonara sauce, can not be called a cliché, nor an old habit, but a dish, which deservedly most often written by waiters in their order blocks
890,00 дин.
Zeppelin de Lorca
They smell like Italy, they taste like spinach. Our gnocchi with chicken, topped with spinach sauce, give your senses a sign that Italy doesn't have to be seen to be felt!
890,00 дин.
Signor Bolognese
If you don't know what to do, watch real fir, homemade tagliatelle with fresh beef ragout, are the most common choice of children and guests who are with us for the first time ...
890,00 дин.
Rizo La Verdura
LENT. Carefully and finely prepared rice risotto with a mix of deep-fried vegetables and parmesan
850,00 дин.


May Tai steak salad
A mix of assorted vegetables with soy and oyster sauce, made corpse, and healthier, with iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, all together, as an accompaniment to juicy and irresistible beef filling and parmesan
1.050,00 дин.
Salmon salad - LENT
Whether from cold water or ice, the freshest that our fishermen offer, grilled and served with a bowl of lettuce, our salmon is not a culinary peripetia, but a simple, quality and irresistible snack, served with dried and cherry tomatoes.
950,00 дин.
Caesar salad our way
Harvested this morning, and now in front of you, a mix of fresh green salads, topped with Caesar dressing, sprinkled with cherry tomatoes, made into irresistible crispy bacon, parmesan, croutons, and grilled chicken fillet
890,00 дин.
Greece (Ariston) salad
Panonska verna kopija grčkih kulinarskih mudrolija, idealna za vreme Posta, ali i za vegeterijance. Miks zelenih salata, od pojačivača ukusa, domaći paradajzom, krastavac, paprika, crveni luk, i feta sir. Može biti posna
780,00 дин.


Grandma Cherry Steak
Beef marinade fillet, grilled, topped with mozzarella, smoked cheese and cherry sauce at the same time. And when you think that you have felt everything that this dish has to offer, you will be surprised by the strong smell of puree with black truffl...
2.550,00 дин.
Beefsteak Tagliata
Marinated grilled beef fillet with homemade aromatic potatoes, arugula, parmesan and sprinkled with sliced almonds
2.550,00 дин.
Beef steak
For those who appreciate a simply prepared, quality meal ... A quality piece of grilled beef fillet with homemade aromatic potatoes
2.450,00 дин.
Firgo chicken
The smell of village and smoked cheese, mushroom sauce and chicken fillet, served with fried gnocchi ... And all on one, only plate ...
1.150,00 дин.
Bačvanski batak (kolenica)
A counterpart and a measure for Bačka gourmands! Long-roasted, quickly eaten, pork leg with grinders in ren sauce (seasonal)
1.150,00 дин.
Veni sees chicken
If you want everyone to know what you ordered, opt for this rich and juicy portion. From the kitchen, you will smell smoke and smoked cheese, chicken fillet, ham, mozzarella sauce, and mashed potato pesto! Come, see, eat ... And come back ...
1.150,00 дин.
Promising chicken
The most beautiful things are usually the simplest ... So are the dishes ... Grilled chicken fillet, and then topped with homemade pesto sauce, with homemade aromatic potatoes
1.150,00 дин.
Chicken Tintoreto
You haven't tasted Italian gourmet food for a long time, do you think that Italian flavors pass you untried? Gorgonzola sauce topped over grilled chicken fillet, with ratatouille vegetables and potato croquettes will show you how carefully we choose ...
1.150,00 дин.
Delicacy medallions
Just baked, just seasoned, just in time! Pork fillet, grilled over low heat, just juicy, more than just delicious. With just enough mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and homemade pesto.
1.100,00 дин.
Zeppelin kebabs
Neither Sarajevo nor Banja Luka, Zeppelin kebabs are special in terms of place, method of preparation, as well as serving! Stored on Zeppelin, made of beef, topped with cream sauce, with home-made potatoes and red onions ...
960,00 дин.
Nature chicken
Take care of a healthy lifestyle, hurry up, or you need a light lunch. You are on the right lines. Grilled, chicken fillet, with ratatouille vegetables and homemade aromatic potatoes is what you need
950,00 дин.


Burger od junećeg odležanog mesa sa čedar sirom, polusušenim paradajzom, hrskavom slaninom, namazom miksa tartufa, svežom salatom, mileramom i prilogom začinjenog krompira
1.250,00 дин.
Emperor's ribs
Roasted for hours, juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside, ribs in Barbie sauce, served on homemade aromatic potatoes, fried onions, kajmak and winter stew (seasonal)
1.210,00 дин.
Piri Piri burger
Burger od junećeg odležanog mesa sa čedar sirom, čili sosom, hrskavom salatom, hrskavom slaninicom, paradajzom i prilogom začinjenog krompira
1.050,00 дин.
Pannonian burger
Roast beef burger with cheddar cheese, crispy salad, tomato, paprika in sour cream and milerama with crispy onions with spicy potatoes
1.050,00 дин.
Smoked sausage
Thin, finely smoked, finely baked, served with aromatic potatoes, seasonal and stew, fried onions and mustard
920,00 дин.
Carniolan sausage
Coarse minced sausage, finely seasoned meat, stuffed with cheese, served with aromatic potatoes, seasonal and stew, fried onions and mustard
920,00 дин.


Children's joy of our menu, and entertainment for us a little older. Breaded chicken fillet in cornflakes with french fries
890,00 дин.
The third children's joy of our offer, rolls with chicken fillet in a fried tortilla with french fries
860,00 дин.
Sausages with chicken
Children's rejoicing number two of our offer, chicken fillet in tortilla with fresh vegetables, sweet corn and spicy potatoes
860,00 дин.
Club sandwich
Good choice from dawn to dusk..Our club sandwich
710,00 дин.


A1 Pica - Cepelin pizza
Najbolje što izlazi iz naše pica peći, najkvalitetniji pizza zalogaj... Mekano mešeno, hrskavo pečeno, pica testo, sa domaćim pelatom, sirom koji se topi i tegli, mocarelom, parmezanom, pršutom, rukolom i čeri paradajzom.
1.250,00 дин.
Capricciosa pizza
Cepelin kaprićoza, svojim kvalitetom, i ukusom, hrskavim krajevima sa nagorelim sirom, mirisom origana, i šampinjona, srela je italijansku pizzu na ulici... I samo joj se nasmejala...
1.150,00 дин.
Zeppelin Hungarian
Briga Mađarsku što nema more, kada se pizza zove po njoj, a briga i Cepelin, što nije na moru, kad ima ovakvu Mađaricu...
1.050,00 дин.
Tačerka pizza
Cepelin Margarita, tako malo, ali tako pažljivo odabranih sastojaka, koji su još pažljivije upareni i pečeni u našoj pizza peći...
920,00 дин.


Salmon de Fakto
Fish gastronomic exhibition, a stunt of quality and taste. Grilled salmon fillet, topped with orange sauce, with grilled vegetables ....
2.150,00 дин.
Grilled salmon
From the ice, on the grill wire, salmon fillet was purchased from us today. Your piece of quality fish, served with ratatouille vegetables and Mediterranean salsa
2.000,00 дин.
LENT. Finely spiced and grilled perch fillet, served with homemade, aromatic potatoes, cherry tomatoes, purple onions and mushrooms ...
1.350,00 дин.
LENT. Finely spiced and smoked trout fillet, served with homemade, aromatic potatoes, cherry tomatoes, purple onions and mushrooms ...
1.350,00 дин.


Arugula cherry salad
Rukola, čeri paradajz, parmezan, slajs badem
490,00 дин.
Serbian traditional salad
420,00 дин.
Serbian salad
420,00 дин.
Tomato salad
360,00 дин.
360,00 дин.
Cucumber salad
360,00 дин.
Mixed lettuce
360,00 дин.
Roasted hot peppers
110,00 дин.


420,00 дин.
Ratatui vegetables
410,00 дин.
Grilled mushrooms
410,00 дин.
390,00 дин.
Homemade aromatic potatoes
390,00 дин.
Kajmak orb
120 grams
330,00 дин.
300,00 дин.
Mashed potatoes
290,00 дин.
90,00 дин.


Dolce cake
Chocolate souffle with ice cream! Most seducers know what we are talking about, and what we offer you ... A sweet, even too sweet game of hot and cold, look at the Danube and look at this sweet portion ...
590,00 дин.
Zeppelin palačinke
Zeppelin slatkiš, slatkiš naše kuće... Dodatno slatke i zapečene palačinke sa šumskim voćem, eurokremom i rojal vanil sosom. Ako želite da osetite duh naše kuće, ovaj slatkiš će Vam dočarati koliko nam je slatka muka da Vas ugostimo!
560,00 дин.
Nutella and Plasma Pancakes
490,00 дин.
Pancakes with Eurocream and plasma
490,00 дин.
Pancakes with jam
490,00 дин.
Maja's cake
While we have Maja's cake, there is no winter for us ... Black and white seductress, ready to compete with sweets from all meridians. The book Rose Bark and Poppy, Grated Orange Bark, explains what the number 1991 on our logo means.
490,00 дин.

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