International food delivery in Ben Arous

Frequent questions about International in Ben Arous

How long does it take to have International food delivered to my place in Ben Arous?

The delivery time changes based on various factors and each store will display the exact estimated time of arrival of your International food order.

On average the delivery time for International food in Ben Arous is 60 minutes.

What type of International food can I order in Ben Arous?

You can have every type of International Ben Arous’s stores serve, just check their menu: some have customised options, too.

What are the best rated International restaurants in Ben Arous?

Glovo works with some of the best International restaurants in Ben Arous and this is reflected in the ratings!

How much does it cost to have some International food delivered in Ben Arous?

Each International restaurant on Glovo has its own delivery fee, which you can find on their page: some have free delivery, too!