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2,99 лв.

Показване на оригиналния списък с продукти на български

This store is closed at the moment. Looking for somewhere similar?


Balkan Salad (460g)
With tomato, eggplant mousse, fresh cow's cheese, roasted gate, pickled red onion, olives, quail eggs and homemade parsley pesto
13,90 лв.
Roasted beet salad (350g)
With farm ice cream, walnuts and homemade basil pesto with bruschettas
10,90 лв.
Salad Mix of green salads (380g)
With cherry tomatoes, avocado, pomegranate, seeds and balsamic dressing
10,90 лв.
Shopska salad (400g)
Flavored with fresh onion and charlan on pieces of Herbal bread with whole hot pepper and olives
9,90 лв.


Bulgarian cow's steamed cheese on a plate (240g)
With homemade pine honey and roasted walnuts
10,90 лв.
Stuffed eggplant with sheep cheese (280g)
With coarsely ground pepper lyutenitsa and parsley pesto with yellow cheese crust
10,90 лв.
Tartlets with spinach and cheese, mix of green leaves and cherry tomatoes (200g)
9,90 лв.
Mix seasonal snacks with freshly baked bruschettas (200g)
8,90 лв.
Porridge on a plate with pepper oil (200g)
And mix fresh leaves
7,90 лв.
Herbal potatoes with homemade pesto (300g)
6,90 лв.

Filibelian appetizers

The wonderful frying pan (300g)
Pork breast, bumblebee, pickled onions, babe sausage, garlic and roasted hot pepper
12,90 лв.
Veal belly in farm oil and garlic (260g)
11,90 лв.
Three types of sausages with honey-spicy mustard and popped peppers (300g)
10,90 лв.
Baked bumblebee slices with mustard onion and parsley (260g)
9,90 лв.

Main dishes

Beef steak with roasted sauce (360g)
Crispy potatoes and grilled zucchini
29,90 лв.
Slowly cooked dairy beef with roasted roots (400g)
And sweet chestnut sauce
24,90 лв.
Filleted sea bream in oil (350g)
On citrus black rice and roasted fennel
19,90 лв.
Smoked pork ribs (400g)
Slowly cooked with jammed red onions and buffalo potatoes with homemade barbecue sauce
15,90 лв.
Burger with steamed cheese (400g)
Dried tomatoes and herbs with roasted chili and crispy potatoes
15,90 лв.
Pork shank with mashed potatoes and homemade gravy sauce (360g)
14,90 лв.
Chicken fillet stuffed with dried tomatoes and cheese (360g)
Garnished with mashed potatoes with butter and thyme
14,90 лв.
Pasta with 4 types of cheese (400g)
11,90 лв.


Cake (180g)
With butter and cheese cooked in a pan
2,90 лв.


Green Velvet Cake (180g)
6,90 лв.

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