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Would you like to order a delivery of products from the Convenience category? Glovo can help you with that! We are a multi-category platform that allows you to order the items you need from any store or restaurant, so you don't have to move. You just have to place your order and be ready to receive it!

Glovo is the convenient way to order your Convenience products and get them delivered straight to your door. So whenever you wish to order any product from this category, look no further! Just open the Glovo app or website and select Convenience delivery in the list of available categories. You will then be able to browse the stores in your area from which you can order any product you like.

Discover the wide range of products available at Glovo and let us surprise you! In Glovo you can find Convenience products delivery and much more! Check it out now.

Convenience  delivery

Top Convenience stores

Stores offering Convenience delivery in Spain

In Spain, there is a great variety of stores offering products from the Convenience category in delivery. You can find them in cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, among others!

Some of the most popular stores at the moment are: Tu Tienda Repsol, Tienda Cepsa Carrefour and Tienda Shell.

With their wide range of products, you will no doubt find something for you! And using Glovo, you can see their offer and shop from the comfort of your own home. So, if you're looking for Convenience products delivery, Glovo is the solution for you.

Stores offering Convenience  delivery in Spain

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How does Glovo work?

Glovo is a multi-category platform that allows you to order products from the Convenience category and have them delivered to your door. You can order products from the Glovo app or website and choose any products available in the Convenience category. Once your order is placed, a courier will pick up the products from the store and deliver them to your door within minutes.

How much does it cost to order Convenience products through Glovo?

There is a delivery fee for each Glovo order, which depends on the distance between the store and your delivery address. You can see the delivery cost while browsing the stores available in the Convenience category. You can also tip your courier through the app, if you wish.

How long does it take to getproducts from the Convenience category delivered?

Times of Convenience products delivery may vary, depending on the Convenience 's opening hours and the distance of the delivery address from the store. They can also change from city to city. To see the estimated delivery time for a product, just check the store's page in the Glovo app or website.

How can I pay for the Convenience order through Glovo?

You can pay for Glovo through the app or website using a credit or debit card. You can also use PayPal or Google Pay to pay for your order. Also, if you have a promo code, add it before the checkout, so that the amount could be deducted from your order.