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Gifts with home delivery are a very popular option in Spain, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic which makes contact more difficult. Home delivery stores offer both small gifts and large gift baskets, all elegantly wrapped and delivered to the recipient on the scheduled day.

Gifts such as books or tea sets are particularly popular.

Gifts delivery

Top stores with gifts delivery in Spain

Best gift shops in Spain

The increasingly common remote work also requires some adjustments in the way we interact with the rest of our team. 

To celebrate holidays and special occasions companies in Spain opt for gifts with home delivery instead of having an on-site party. A major upside is that you can schedule such delivery in advance, making it easier to organize and pay for the delivery.

The gifts may be delivered in a few minutes. This saves the buyer a lot of time and stress of last minute searching. In an online era, when gifts are often digital, shopping through Glovo provides the means for a more personal touch. 

Shopping for gifts with home delivery we can let our loved one feel that we are next to them, no matter the distance. Obviously gifts are much more than elaborate sets and elegant packages.Through Glovo you may also order something small from a coffee shop or your favorite restaurant so that your loved one may enjoy their evening.

Best gift shops in Spain

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Is the gift going to be wrapped?

It will, if the store provides wrapping services. It will, if the store provides wrapping services. You can find this option before the check out with the price of this service.

Can I buy a gift through Glovo at any time?

The delivery depends on operating hours of the store. However, you may place orders at any time.

Orders placed outside the store operating hours will await acceptance from store staff. 

Will I pay for shipping costs of a gift purchased from my own list?

The answer is yes. The app will calculate costs based on distance. Longer distance means higher cost. The price may also be higher in the case of night shipping. To avoid a high cost, consider whether the gift can be purchased in several places and whether they’re open around specified hours. 

How to make a return?

Gifts are purchased in your name, so if you wish to return an item, you or the recipient must visit the store in person. The courier will give you a receipt. Based on that receipt, you can apply for a refund or replacement of the faulty item.

Can I buy gifts as a company through Glovo?

Yes. In the profile tab you will find the appropriate fields to fill in your company data.

If you use your private account, you can request an invoice by adding a comment with your company information in the "Additional Information" field.  You will find them in your order confirmation.

Can I use a promo code in the order?

Yes. If you have a special promo code, enter it in the appropriate field in your profile or on the order page. The discount will be applied automatically, so you don't have to do anything else.