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Staying healthy and fit has never been easier. Did you know that with Glovo you can order healthy food delivery in Ghana with just a few clicks? It will be delivered to your place in a few minutes.

In fact, in our app you can find a lot of restaurant options that offer healthy and low-calorie dishes. So, you do not have more excuses to start a diet.

You can order a lot of things such as delicious salads, grilled fish or meat dishes, but there are vegetarian or vegan options, too. The choices are almost endless. All menus are prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

And let's not forget the sweet tooths. In fact, in the Glovo app you can even find delicious mouth-watering desserts. You can order a fresh fruit salad, but that's not all. There are also brownies prepared with centenum flour, biscuits without butter or sugar at all. You will surely find the option that suits you to complete your healthy menu in the best possible way.

Order with Glovo whenever you want and enjoy the best healthy food in your city. You will find tons of delicious options, all for you to try. Who said that healthy food is boring and tasteless was wrong, or maybe he never ordered anything through our app or our website.

In fact, eating healthy does not just mean ordering grilled vegetables, but there are countless tasty steamed dishes cooked by the best chefs in the town.

Healthy food delivery

Top restaurants with healthy food delivery in Ghana

The best healthy food delivery restaurants in Ghana

If you want to stay fit, but have no time or desire to cook at home, there is no problem. Glovo takes care of bringing the most delicious dishes, from healthy food restaurants directly to your home. Now there are no more excuses for not starting a diet. Download our app or enter in our web page and choose from the most delicious novelties such as poke bowls, or quinoa salads. Or choose traditional Mediterranean dishes such as vegetable creams, soups and much more.

Everything accompanied by refreshing natural fresh fruit juices, cold  brew, coffees from ecological plantations, and even the exotic Kombucha. You have a lot of choices.

Complete your menu with a sweet and tasty dessert like muesli that is rich in proteins, natural yogurt or vegan carrot cake.

Ordering healthy food in Ghana with Glovo is very easy and you can do it from the comfort of your home with just a few clicks. Then, you just have to wait for one of our riders to bring your order wherever you are, in a blink of an eye.

Then let yourself be pampered by the taste of healthy things. Don't give up on flavor and order a Glovo right away.

The best healthy food delivery restaurants in Ghana

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FAQs about healthy food delivery

How does the healthy food delivery service on Glovo work?

The first thing you should know is that Glovo cares about your health and safety. So, your healthy food delivery will adhere to the highest safety standards.  When you open up the Glovo app you’ll have to enter your details so we know who you are and be able to offer you the service you deserve. Search for the healthy food available in your delivery area and order your favorites. Don’t forget to add extras, sides, desserts and drinks! Once you’ve finished, just pay up and tell us where to deliver it to. Our delivery team will make sure your takeaway arrives hot in a flash.

How can I find the best healthy food deliveries close to me with the Glovo app?

Easy! Luckily, the Glovo app is really intuitive and easy to use. You have two options. Either you can use your current location to discover the best healthy food delivery close to you, or you can enter a different address - the one you want it to be delivered to. Either way, there’s a huge variety of restaurants.

What time can you get healthy food delivered with Glovo?

Opening hours depend on each restaurant. Take into account that there are still some cities with mobility restrictions in Spain which might affect the times at which you can order your favorite healthy food. You’ll find all the information you need on the app.

Can I use my promocodes to order takeaway healthy food?

Sure! Our aim is to make things easy for you and reward you for your loyalty. If you have Glovo promocodes, just enter them into your profile and use them to order healthy food, or anything else you fancy. Some restaurants also run unique offers. Don’t miss out! In this article, you can learn how to use promocodes on Glovo.

How long does it take couriers to deliver healthy food?

You’ll get your order as soon as possible! We’re committed to your food getting to you hot and in perfect condition. As soon as the restaurant tells us that we can pick up the order, we’ll be on our way. Don’t worry, we’re quick! Guaranteeing quick delivery is our main aim, which is why we have different delivery zones.

What kind of healthy food can you order in Glovo?

It would take hours for us to tell you about all the options of healthy food we have in our app. Everything depends on what you fancy today. All the types of cuisines have their own healthy dishes, and we will bring them wherever you are. Whatever kind of cuisine you like the most, you can order it. From a simple chicken salad, to a more complete and fresh poke bowl. Your wish is our command!