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Burger King Delivery

Get Burger King delivery in Ghana with Glovo! Get the famous grilled burgers from Florida’s best known fast food chain delivery to your door.

Burger King top products

Extra Hot Salsa Dip
12 Wings Meal
With Fries and Drink
Triple Whopper
6 Wings Meal
With Fries and Drink
12 Nuggets Meal
With Fries and Drink
Delight Salad

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Order Burger King delivery in Ghana

Burger King as we know it today was born in Miami in 1954, where its legacy still lives on today, although its first physical restaurant opened a year before in Jacksonville. The home of the Whopper is still an iconic American restaurant. Download the Glovo App or use our website to order a tasty Whopper in Ghana , Burger King’s unique juicy grilled meat. Complete your order with the most delicious fries you can imagine and some crunchy Chicken Tenders. If you’re a chicken fan, try a Long Chicken meal, a big favorite among Burger King lovers. Check out the promotions Glovo offers on your Burger King takeaway orders! Get the best Burger King burgers in a flash with contactless deliveries. Just order, we’ll take care of it! Discover the best Burger King burgers in Ghana thanks to home delivery offered by Glovo. Our couriers will bring the order to your door from a nearby restaurant. And, with Glovo, you can get deliveries with exclusive offers just for you.

Order Burger King delivery in Ghana

FAQs about Burger King Delivery

How does the Burger King delivery service work?
Delivery with Burger King is easy. Just download the Glovo app onto your mobile or tablet. Once you’re in the App, click the restaurants bubble, then the Burger King bubble. Check out the new options the restaurant has on offer and all the different Burger King burgers available for delivery, Choose your menu and get it delivery wherever you like. The Glovo courier will pick up the bag from the restaurant and get it to you as quickly as possible. You just make sure you savor that flavor. If you’ve got any questions about the delivery fee on your Burger King orders, just open up the app and we’ll answer them during the order process.
What are the best takeaway Burger King burgers you can order?
Glovo guarantees a contactless delivery service. You can order any of the burgers available at the restaurant preparing your order. There’s also always a selection of offers on sides, like fries and chicken wings.
How can you use Glovo promocodes to order Burger King products?
Have a Glovo promocode and don’t know how to use it? Delivery is a great way of enjoying discounts, isn’t it? Add your promocodes to your profile on the Glovo App. Discover how to do it in this complete guide to promocodes.
What are the anti-covid measures that Glovo and Burger King have put in place?
We’re committed to your safety. Our couriers follow all the relevant health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We’ll bring order to your door with no direct contact. Masks and hand sanitizer are part of the daily routine of every Glovo courier. Our home delivery service is all about providing you with peace of mind, safety and hygiene.
How can I find out if Burger King delivers in my area?
You don’t need to get in touch with Burger King. Just visit our website or install the Glovo App on your smartphone to see if you can order Burger King to your postcode. In fact, all you have to do is tell us your delivery area to find out straight away if Burger King delivers to your home.
How long do couriers take to deliver my Burger King orders?
Glovo offers quick, contactless delivery. We’ll let you know when your favorite burgers will be delivery when you place your order. Just know that our aim is for you to get your order as soon as possible. And don’t worry - your food will always arrive hot if Glovo is in charge of delivery. Order the best Burger King burgers now and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. Our couriers will deliver your favorite recipes to your door, safely and quickly. Place your order online now!