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Want to try something out of the ordinary? Try sex shop delivery in Italy! With Glovo, you can order any products available in our partner sex shops from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to our couriers, the delivery time is very short and you can expect your glovo to be delivered within minutes! 

Whatever the occasion - a date night, an anniversary or Valentine’s day, you can spice it up by ordering a sex shop delivery. There’s a wide variety of products available - from condoms and lubricants to vibrators and lingerie. Check out the products available locally for sex shop delivery in Italy and don’t hesitate to place an order.

To see what products are available for sex shop delivery in Italy, select one of the cities listed below. You can also open the app or website and enter your delivery address. Then, after selecting the “Sex shop” category, you’ll see our partner stores in your area. Once you’ve completed your order, our courier will bring it to you in no time!

Sex shop delivery in Italy

Sex stores with delivery in Italy

In Italy, there are numerous erotic stores offering a delivery service with Glovo! You can look through them and select the one you like the most. The stores we work with guarantee the best quality products, and on our side we provide express delivery. All to give you the best service possible.

Sex stores with delivery in Italy

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FAQs about sex shop delivery

How can I order sex shop delivery from Glovo?

To order sex shop delivery in Italy from Glovo, simply open the Glovo app or website and enter your address. Then you can look for the sex shop category and you’ll see which sex stores are available in your area. When you decide what you’d like to order, add the products using a “+” sign. You can then proceed to the checkout. Your order will be soon delivered straight to your door!

How much does sex shop delivery cost?

The cost of delivery might differ from store to store, depending on many factors such as distance. Before placing an order, you’ll be able to see the delivery fee for each store. You can also see the breakdown of costs at checkout.

What can I buy from the sex shop delivery service with Glovo?

There are lots of products which you can order with Glovo’s sex shop delivery in Italy. To see what’s available in your area, just enter your address. You’ll then be able to see a list of stores and the products they offer.