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City lounge bar

City lounge bar

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2,49 €
Schedule for 16:00

Antipasti epici

Misto caldo
Patatine fritte, anelli di cipolla, jalepenò,straccetti di pollo
9,90 €
Baby back ribs and fries 1/2 porzione
1/2 porzione di Costolette di maiale in salsa bbq con patatine fritte
7,90 €
Chicken nachos
Nachos con pollo,formaggio fuso,jalepenò,guacamole,salsa messicana e panna acida
7,00 €
Chicken quesadilla
Tortillia ripiena di formaggio fuso e pollo servito con guacamole, salsa messicana e panna acida
7,00 €
Meat nachos
Nachos con carne,formaggio fuso,jalapenò'gauacamole,salsa messicana e panna acida
7,00 €
Chicken wings
Alette di pollo 8 pezzi
6,00 €
Cheese nachos
Nachos con foraggio fuso,jalepenò,quacamole,salsa messicana e panna acida
5,00 €
Cheese quesadilla
Totillia ripiena di formaggio fuso servito con guacamole,salsa messicana e panna acida
5,00 €
French fries with bacon and cheddar
Patatine fritte con bacon e cheddar
4,50 €
Jalepenò bites
Jalepenò ripieni di formaggio 6 pezzi
4,50 €
Chicken tenders
Straccetti di pollo 5 pezzi
4,00 €
Involtini primavera
3,50 €
Onion rings
Anelli di cipolla 8 pezzi
3,00 €
Patatine ricci condite
3,00 €
French fries
Patatine fritte
2,50 €


Chicken caesar salad
Pollo a filetti alla griglia servito su una caesar salad con petali di parmigiano servita in una ciotola di tortilla
8,90 €
Chicken salad
Pollo a filletti alla griglia o fritto servito su una house salad
8,90 €
House salad
Lattuga, pomodoro,raddichio e carrote servito in una ciotola di tortillia
6,00 €

Burgers and Burritos

XL burger
Doppio burger,cheddar,lattuga e pomodoro servito con patatine fritte
12,90 €
Beef burrito
Una mega tortilla ripiena di tritato,peperoni, cipolla,panna acida e formaggio fuso servito con patatine fritte
11,90 €
Chicken burrito
Una mega tortilla ripiena pollo grigliato,cipolla, formaggio fuso e panna acida servito con patatine fritte
11,90 €
City burger
Burger,che dar,bacon,anelli di cipolla,funghi,pomodoro e salsa bbq servito con patatine fritte
10,90 €
Chicken burger
Filetto di pollo fritto o grigliato, lattuga e pomodoro servito con patatine fritte
9,90 €
Swiss mushroom burger
Burger,formaggio svizzero,funghi,lattuga e pomodoro servito con patatine fritte
9,90 €
Bacon cheese burger
Burger,cheddar,bacon,lattuga e pomodoro servito con patatine fritte
7,90 €
Cheese burger
Burger,cheddar,lattuga e pomodoro servito con patatine fritte
6,90 €


Piatto kebab
8,00 €
Panino Kebab
5,00 €


Acqua lemon
3,00 €
Ginger beer
3,00 €
Red Bull
3,00 €
Coca cola
2,50 €
Coca cola zero
2,50 €
2,50 €
2,50 €
Acqua naturale 50 cl
1,00 €
Acqua frizzante 50 cl
1,00 €


6,00 €
4,50 €
Ceres 33 cl
3,00 €
3,00 €
Tennents 33 cl
3,00 €
Heineken 33 cl
2,50 €
Becks 33 cl
2,00 €


Vino Bianco
18,00 €
Vino Rosso
18,00 €

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Frequently asked questions

How can I order City lounge bar delivery in Palermo?
To order your City lounge bar delivery in Palermo, all you have to do is open the Glovo website or app and go to “Cocktails” category. Next, enter your address to see if delivery for City lounge bar is available in your area of Palermo. Then you can choose the products you want and add them to your order. Once you complete the payment, your order will start to be prepared and soon after a courier will bring it directly to your door.
What can I order in City lounge bar in Palermo?
City lounge bar offers a big variety of items you can order. Take a look at the product list and choose what you would like to order from City lounge bar.
Are there any promos for City lounge bar in Glovo?
Always look for discounted products and current special offers, which are marked in yellow. Sometimes you can find special offers such as 2 for 1 or discounted delivery!
Is City lounge bar available in Prime?
No. Prime is Glovo’s subscription program where you get unlimited free deliveries from some of our partners and other benefits!
When can I order delivery from City lounge bar?
During City lounge bar’s working hours you can place your order at any time. Thanks to our speedfast delivery you will be able to enjoy your glovo within minutes! You can also schedule your delivery to a time that would be convenient for you, even if the store is currently closed.