Wings Kenya

Wings Kenya

Wings Kenya

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18 pieces Kshs 1500

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Corn Dogs
KES 800.00
Waffle and Wings
KES 600.00


Classic French Fries
KES 200.00
Garlic Fries
KES 200.00
Masala Fries
KES 200.00
PeriPeri Wedges
KES 200.00
Onion Rings
KES 200.00
KES 100.00


Barbeque Pork Ribs
glazed with honey, mustard and BBQ sauce served with your choice of fries
KES 1,350.00
Country style beef short ribs
Served with your choice of fries or salad
KES 1,350.00

New Dip

Honey Mustard
along side ranch and blue cheese
KES 50.00

The Kids Corner

I don't know
chicken nuggets and fries
KES 450.00
I am not hungry
2 sausages and chips
KES 450.00


Thigh Combo
KES 800.00

Traditional and Boneless Wings

20 Pieces Combo
KES 2,380.00
10 Pieces Combo
KES 980.00 KES 1,400.00
5 Pieces Combo
KES 525.00 KES 750.00
Chicken Tender Sticks
KES 550.00

Groups and Shareables

Party Pack
15 wings . 4 tenders, 15 nuggets, 4 sides and 3 things
KES 4,450.00
15 Boneless/15 Bones in Wings 3 Flavors
KES 2,950.00

Delicious Desserts

Waffle and scoop of ice cream
KES 500.00
Ice Cream 2 Scoops
Vanilla | Chocolate | Strawberry
KES 450.00


Cookie and Cream Milkshake
Real Oreo cookies blended together with your choice of either Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream
KES 600.00
Mint Chocolate Milkshake
Mint and Chocolate blended together with Chocolate Ice Cream
KES 600.00
Classic Milkshake
Whole Milk blended with a choice of Vanilla, Chocolate or strawberry ice cream
KES 500.00


KES 200.00


The wing man burger
Beef burger with barbeque sauce
KES 850.00
Classic beef burger
Smashed Juicy and seared beef patty on grilled buns
KES 750.00
Veggie Burger
Crispy fried Veggie Patty
KES 700.00

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