Desserts delivery in Kazakhstan

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Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you’ve come to the right place! With Glovo you can not only order desserts to your place, but also choose from a wide variety of desserts available in your city. Try some delicious cheesecakes, tiramisus or pastries in the comfort of your own home!

Glovo will provide a smooth service with same-day delivery of desserts. You can choose whatever desserts are available at the cafes, bakeries or patisseries near you. You’ll only have to decide what you want to order and that’s it! We will take care of the rest.

So, whenever you’d like to order a dessert with speedy delivery, you can count on Glovo. Whether it’s an unexpected visit, or a craving for something sweet after dinner, don’t worry - just order desserts delivery directly to you. You can also order dessert delivery for a special occasion, from birthdays and Mother’s day to Christmas

For your convenience, you can either order a delivery right away or for a scheduled time. With the instant delivery option, the store offering desserts delivery in your area will start preparing your glovo just after you place an order. A courier will pick it up from the store and deliver it directly to you. 

With the scheduled order option, the store will wait until the chosen time to prepare your order. When it’s ready, the courier will deliver it to you as fast as possible.

Desserts delivery in Kazakhstan

Top stores with desserts delivery

Stores offering desserts delivery in Kazakhstan

There are all kinds of stores offering desserts delivery in Kazakhstan. You can find many types of desserts from cakes and pastries, from typical local desserts to increasingly popular vegan desserts or gluten free desserts. Just take a look at what’s available for desserts delivery near you - you’ll be impressed!

For everyone with a sweet tooth in Kazakhstan, we have good news - whether you’re in Nur-Sultan, Almaty or Pavlodar or many other cities in Kazakhstan, there are numerous shops that offer desserts with delivery. 

At the moment, the best stores with desserts delivery in Kazakhstan, as rated by our customers are: Okadzaki/ Окадзаки, SF Shaurma Food and Lavash food. Try them out and see for yourself why so many of Glovo’s customers loved them! Or, you can create your own list of favourites - it’s all up to you!

So whether it’s chocolate that you're craving, fruit desserts or ice cream, Glovo has got you covered. Check the stores available in your area and order for yourself or family today.

Stores offering desserts delivery in Kazakhstan

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FAQs about desserts delivery

Where can I order desserts online for delivery?

You can order your desserts delivery with Glovo! Glovo works with multiple partners across Kazakhstan that offer the best desserts delivery directly to you. You can browse through the wide selection of stores you can order desserts from and choose the one that’s best for you.

How can I order desserts delivery in Kazakhstan with Glovo?

If you’d like to enjoy a delicious dessert today, Glovo is here to help! All you need to do is open Glovo’s app or website and enter your address. Then go to the “Desserts” category. Based on your delivery address, we’ll be able to select the stores which offer delivery in your area. 

Next, you’ll be able to browse through the stores and choose the one that looks most appealing to you. Once you decide on the store and products, just add them to your order and proceed to checkout. Soon, the store will start preparing and packing your order. One of the couriers working with Glovo will pick it up from the store and deliver it to you. All in a matter of minutes!

What are the best stores with desserts delivery in Kazakhstan?

There are many stores that cooperate with us on desserts delivery in Kazakhstan. Everyone has their favourite store, but the ones that are most popular among our customers in Kazakhstan are: Okadzaki/ Окадзаки, SF Shaurma Food and Lavash food. 

Check if they’re available in your city and try them out! And if not, don’t worry - you’ll be able to enjoy some delicious desserts from other partners in your area.

How much does desserts delivery cost?

Prices for desserts delivery vary depending on the store where you order from. There are many factors that influence them. To check how much delivery costs from a particular store, just look at the top of the store’s page where this information is provided. 

Once you select your desired products and go to the checkout page, you’ll see the summary of your order with the total price. In the breakdown of costs you’ll be able to see the delivery price.