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Are you planning a party or just some awesome weekend fun with friends? Glovo has you covered with the best selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The drinks delivery service is available in the most of Moldova’s cities.

We have a vast selection of online liquor stores to choose from. Why not order drinks online from your favourite online liquor store? Looking for that popular Gilbeys Gin or Flirt Vodka to spice up your party? Explore our vast drink delivery options to find that special drink. Lovers of non-alcoholic drinks are also sorted; you can order non-alcoholic beverages like milkshakes and enjoy fast drinks delivery to your location.

Drinks delivery

Top stores with drinks delivery in Moldova

The best stores with drinks delivery in Moldova

Anxious about the delivery of drinks near me? The Glovo online stores are distributed across Moldova. You don't need to worry about late liquor delivery in Moldova since you pick the online liquor stores closest to your location to ensure a speedy delivery. Also, you can quickly check the operating hours of your preferred online store and know when to place your order.

Why consider the Glovo drinks delivery service? The online liquor stores offer wine, soda and other type of drinks delivery services straight to your door. However, if you are looking for a more customized experience, you can consider ordering drinks online and including snacks. Some online liquor stores even have customized gifts like chocolates, which can be included in your drinks delivery in Moldova. Other items you can order with your orders include smoothies, milkshakes, cocktail juices and snacks like chips or ice cream.

Glovo Party ensures you get the best partying experience in Moldova by providing fast drink delivery services.

The best stores with drinks delivery in Moldova

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FAQs about drinks delivery

How do I know if Glovo drinks delivery service operates in my area?

To find Glovo drinks delivery services near you, you can use the app or the web version and input your geographical location and search. The search results will show a list of online liquor stores closest to your location.

How much will I pay for the drinks delivery in Moldova?

Drinks delivery in Moldova charges vary depending on your location. You can find the minimum amount in the store page. Our app will calculate the total delivery fees after calculating the distance between your delivery address and the store’s pickup point.

We also have pre-established delivery costs, with specific stores. As you order drinks online, you can see the total cost. We recommend you search for online liquor stores closest to your delivery address so that you can enjoy speedy drinks delivery and cheaper drink delivery Moldova charges.

Why do I need to input my address?

We use your delivery address to determine whether the online drink store you are ordering from delivers alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks to your address.

What kind of drinks are available on Glovo?

The online liquor stores on Glovo have a wide variety of local and international alcoholic drinks. The alcoholic beverages catalogue varies from gins, vodka, brandy and even local beer brands. There are also non-alcoholic drinks being sold, which generally includes milkshakes and smoothies. You can’t miss finding your favourite alcohol brand when using Glovo.

Who will carry out the drink delivery in Moldova?

The couriers are familiar with the city and deliver alcohol to Moldova within a few minutes after the order is dispatched. Our carriers have smartphones for more accessible communication with the client and use their delivery vehicles to ensure smooth and speedy delivery.

How many drinks can I order?

We don't have a set limit on the number of drinks our clients can order. Still, the online liquor stores you pick will confirm if they can fulfil your order with the stock they have available.

How can I order drinks online using Glovo?

You can either use our desktop web version to make your order or our mobile app. Our Glovo mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

Which payment methods can I use to pay for drinks delivery near me?

You can use credit and debit cards. With credit and debit cards, you will have to link the cards to your Glovo account.