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Who can resist a delicious pastry at breakfast, an ice cream treat on a hot afternoon, or a chocolate cake after a meal? As the saying goes, there’s always room for dessert, and at Glovo, we couldn’t agree more!

Our sweets delivery providers offer some of the finest treats in all of Poland. And unlike the birthday cake that you spend hours cooking, the homemade ice cream that you can never get right, or the soufflé that keeps flopping, these desserts are always perfect and they don’t require any preparation.

Why bother with ingredients, recipes, and cooking times when you can just let one of our many partners do all the work for you?

If you’ve used Glovo before, you’ll already know how it all works and can start browsing our many partners right away. If not, don’t worry, as it’s very easy to find sweets delivery in your area and place an order.

Firstly, enter your address into your relevant section of the Glovo app or website. This tells our software where you are. As soon as you hit “enter”, it’ll show you a list of all the sweets near you.

If you live in a big city, the list will be extensive, to say the least. To narrow it down and make your search easier, just use the filters down the side.

The filters include “Sweets”. If you click this, you’ll be presented with all shops that offer sweets near you, including breakfast and brunch treats, ice creams, cakes, and more.

Find a shop you like, select your preferred foods, and then place your order.

Once those steps have been completed you just need to wait for the knock at the door.

Sweets delivery in Poland

The best sweets delivery shops

The best sweets delivery shops in Poland

Sweets are miraculous.

Not convinced? The next time you eat a big meal and are so full you feel like you’re going to burst, think about going back for seconds. The idea will probably disgust you. You can’t possibly eat another morsel and might explode if a single crumb passes your lips.

But as soon as someone suggests eating a dessert, you suddenly find the appetite. You can almost feel your belt loosen another couple of inches at the mere suggestion of chocolate fudge cake.

Sweets can also be a meal in themselves, as well as a breakfast or a snack to enjoy at any time of day.

Now that we’ve got you in the mood for sweets delivery in Poland, it’s time to browse Glovo and see what delicious treats are waiting for you.

Not sure where to begin? Start with our top shops. These highly rated locations include Różana Cafe, Lody Ice Cream Now, and Lody Ice Cream Now, and that’s not all. There are many more great sweets delivery locations on Glovo, each with something different to offer.

In the mood for a sweet drink? Try a bubble tea location or get your lips around a hot chocolate or ice-cold milkshake. Feel like something more substantial? Dive head-first into a chocolate cake or cherry pie. Want a quick and easy breakfast treat? Our partners usually have a selection of waffles, pancakes, and pastries for you to enjoy.

Availability and menu options vary by location, but there’s always something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The best sweets delivery shops in Poland

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FAQs about sweets delivery

How long does sweets delivery take in Poland?

It depends on the shop, how far away you are, what you order, and when you place your order. Naturally, it’ll take a little longer to get to you if you live further away. The good news is that many sweets require minimal preparation and cooking, so the delivery times could be shorter than with savoury dishes.

Our couriers always move fast to ensure the food gets to you as quickly as possible. To get an idea of the shop’s average timeframe, take a peek at the top of their page.

What cities offer sweets delivery in Poland?

You can order sweets in most major cities in Poland, as well as a few smaller ones. These include Wrocław, Warsaw, and Kraków. If your city isn’t on that list, don’t worry, as we cover many more areas and are adding more all the time.

Do you offer sweets delivery in my area?

Probably, but it depends on what that area is. We cover large parts of Poland, but it all comes down to how close you are to nearby shops. To see what’s available near you, just enter your address into the search bar. If there are sweets delivery shops nearby, they will appear.

What kind of sweets can I get in Poland?

What kind of sweets do you want? This is a pretty large category, and the best sweets delivery in Poland offer everything from waffles and pancakes to sweet teas, milkshakes, cakes, pies, puddings, and everything else your sweet tooth desires.

Of course, the exact menu options will depend on your location and options for sweets near you. Browse through the shop’s product list to see what you can have shipped to your address.

How do I order sweets in Poland?

Thanks to Glovo, it has never been easier to arrange sweets delivery in Poland. The process is very easy. You could be checking out menus in a matter of seconds and waiting for your dessert delivery after a few minutes.

Start by entering your address, letting the system know which shops to show you. Use the filters down the side of the page to select “Sweets” or whatever else takes your fancy.

You’ll then see a list of all available menus, after which you can add treats to your cart. Once you’ve confirmed your order, we’ll do the rest, ensuring it gets to you quickly and safely.