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Want to send a gift to someone special but don’t know how to surprise them? Send them flowers! How? Easy - use Glovo! On our online platform you can find the best flower delivery services and choose the perfect flowers.

Glovo lets you send flowers as a gift whenever you like in Portugal. That would be a fantastic surprise, wouldn’t it?

Send flowers through Glovo to celebrate the birthday of someone you love. Show them how much you care with a beautiful bunch of flowers. Or congratulate them on the birth of a new arrival with some seasonal flowers. What better way of celebrating life? Any time is a good time to deliver a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers.

With Glovo, you can also order dry flowers that will last much longer, and seasonal plants that will add a little life to your home. Open up the Glovo app or website to see the best florists offering deliveries in your city.

Flowers delivery

Top flowers shops in Portugal

The best flower delivery options in Portugal

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can send flowers through Glovo. If there are florists available in your city, you can send roses to the one you love, daisies to your friends, tulips to your mother or any other flower you like. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to send flowers, you can do it just because!

Open up Glovo, access your profile, let us know the delivery address and check out the different florists available. At some stores you can order fresh bunches of flowers. Others give you the option of sending plants or beautiful dried flowers. A bunch of freeze-dried flowers is great because it will last for years.

You can send the best flowers in Portugal on Glovo. And if you’re looking for florists that deliver in your city, we can help. Just choose a beautiful bouquet and the best florists in your city will put it together to surprise whoever you like. Live the Glovo experience now!

The best flower delivery options in Portugal

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What can I order through Glovo?

Whatever you want! Surprised? You can order anything you want with Glovo:Books, nappies, perfume, toys, lenses or flowers are just some of the things you can order with us.

There are different bubbles on the Glovo website in which you’ll find a wide range of stores, supermarkets and restaurants. Or you can use the “Anything” bubble to order absolutely anything you like. And if you need to get something from A to B (within the same city) then Delivery Express is for you. We’re here to make your life easier!

How can you send flowers through Glovo?

If you know the Glovo platform then you already know that sending flowers is easy and intuitive. The first thing you need to do is go into your Glovo profile and let us know the delivery address. Don’t forget that, in this case, the address you need to give us is the address of the person you’re sending the flowers to.

Then, open up the pharmacy and shops bubble. There you’ll see the florists available in your delivery area. You can also use the search bar to find flowers on Glovo.

Choose the store you like the most and pick from all the bouquets and plants. To finish up, pay through our secure payment system and let us know where you want the flowers delivered to. Your gift will reach its destination in no time!

What time can I get flowers delivered through Glovo?

That depends on the florists. The delivery times on Glovo are the same as the opening hours of the store you choose.. We recommend you schedule delivery on the app to make sure you get the flowers delivered exactly when you want them.

What are the available home delivery florists near my area?

You can check this in your profile on the Glovo site. As soon as you give us an address, we’ll show you the different florists available for delivery in your area. If you’re lucky, you’ll have various options to choose from. And we add new florists with delivery to our platform every day. Glovo is growing with you!