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Is there anything better than not having to cook and enjoying a delicious pizza delivery instead? Glovo has the best pizzas from your favorite restaurants in Portugal. And you won’t even have to get off the sofa!

Pizza is always a good idea. How about a wholemeal or a multi-grain base and a healthy topping with plenty of seasonal vegetables? Or one of those pizzas with delicious Italian sauces and a good dose of healthy protein on top? What’s your favorite? Through Glovo you can order takeaway pizza to suit anyone.

The best thing about the Glovo website and app is that you’ll always find a pizzeria that delivers close to you. Give yourself a boost with a classic pizza, like the carbonara, a tasty barbecue pizza, a four seasons, or a juicy four cheese.

Don’t wait, treat yourself now! Visit our website and discover the best Italian restaurants in your city. Order through Glovo and enjoy the best of Italy in a snap.

Pizza delivery

The best pizza delivery restaurants

The best pizza delivery restaurants in Portugal

We’ve got a huge range of pizzerias that deliver, just for you.Discover them all on our app or website. At Glovo, we know everyone loves pizza. So, we want to make sure you can get your hands on the best takeaway pizzas in your city.

Visit our site and check out the different options. Place your order and enjoy a feast at home, work or wherever you are. Just specify where you’d like to receive your pizza and the order will be there in a trice.

What’s your favorite pizza? Do you prefer it with extra cheese, anchovies, barbecue sauce, egg...? ThroughGlovo you can order what you love and get it delivered to the comfort of your own home.

The best pizzerias with delivery in your city are on Glovo. Open up the app, log in and get pizza delivered in a flash! Don’t believe us? Try it!

The best pizza delivery restaurants in Portugal

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How can I place a pizza delivery order through Glovo?

Glovo makes it easy for you. Our mission in life is to help you out, so we’ve made placing an order super easy. You can access Glovo through our app or website. Once you’re in, go to your profile (if you don’t have one, set one up, it’s super easy).

Once you’ve told us who you are, let us know the address you want your order delivered to. You can use the geo-locator to let us know that you want the pizza delivered to exactly where you are or you can add a different address. That way, we can show you the pizzerias available in your area.

Then just choose the restaurant, check out the options and select your favorite dishes that will fill you up. Don’t forget to add drinks, desserts and sides as the cherry on the cake.

Then, confirm the delivery address, pay up and in a few minutes you will receive your meal!

How can I find a pizza delivery in my area in the Glovo App?

Easy! Just tell us where you want your food delivered and we’ll activate all the restaurants available in your area. Filter your search in the restaurant bubble, select pizzerias and you’ll see all your options.

Is there a minimum order for pizza delivery through Glovo?

In general, you won’t need to reach a minimum order amount to enjoy tasty takeaway pizzas. But some restaurants might charge a supplement if you don’t hit a certain amount. Don’t worry though, the items you order will normally push you above that minimum amount.

Can I use my Glovo promocodes to order takeaway pizzas?

Of course! If you have promocodes it’s important to enter them into your profile to be able to use them whenever you like. It’s really easy! Make the most of the best promotions to try delicious pizzas at incredible prices. Glovo makes it easy!