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Pui Teriyaki Ø 15cm
25,50 RON
Pui Teriyaki Ø 30cm
43,90 RON
Bucăți de pui Ø 30cm
38,40 RON


Siganture Wrap Vită și brânză
Rețetă predefinită, conține: Wrap cu roșii și busuioc, vită și brânză, mix de mozzarella și cheddar, avocado, salată Iceberg, roșii, ardei, ceapă, jalapenos picant, sos Chipotle Southwest
40,40 RON
Signature Wrap Spicy Veggie Queen
Rețetă predefinită, conține: Wrap cu roșii și busuioc, 2x vegan patty picant (tăiate în cubulețe), avocado, salată Iceberg, roșii, ardei, castraveți murați, sos Sweet onion
34,20 RON
Signature Wrap Teryaki
Pui teryaki, mix de mozarella si cheddar, salata, ardei, ceapa, sos ceapa dulce
34,20 RON


Ou posat și șuncă Ø 30cm
31,60 RON
Ou posat și șuncă Ø 15cm
18,50 RON


Pui Teriyaki Ø 30cm
43,90 RON
Pui BBQ Ø 30cm
43,90 RON
Bucăți de pui Ø 30cm
38,40 RON
Pui Teriyaki Ø 15cm
25,50 RON
Pui BBQ Ø 15cm
25,50 RON
Bucăți de pui Ø 15cm
22,50 RON


Sunca de Curcan 30cm
37,60 RON
Sunca de Curcan - 15cm
22,00 RON


BBQ Ribs Ø 30cm
41,20 RON
Italian BMT Ø 30cm
38,80 RON
Picant Italian Ø 30cm
35,20 RON
Șuncă Ø 30cm
31,30 RON
BBQ Ribs Ø 15cm
24,00 RON
Italian BMT Ø 15cm
22,70 RON
Picant Italian Ø 15cm
20,50 RON
Șuncă Ø 15cm
18,20 RON


Vită și brânză Ø 30cm
46,10 RON
Vită și brânză Ø 15cm
27,00 RON


Ton Ø 30cm
41,70 RON
Ton Ø 15cm
24,40 RON


Vegan Spicy Veggie Ø 30cm
41,20 RON
Veggie Delite Ø 30cm
28,10 RON
Vegan Spicy Veggie Ø 15cm
24,00 RON
Veggie Delite Ø 15cm
16,30 RON


Cartofi copti (portie mare)
11,90 RON
Cartofi copti (portie mica)
9,80 RON


Chocolate Chip cookie
4,70 RON
Double Chocolate cookie
4,70 RON
Raspberry cookie
4,70 RON


Lipton de lămâie
8,90 RON
Lipton de piersici
8,90 RON
Prigat de portocale
8,90 RON
Aqua Carpatica Carbogazoasa
6,90 RON

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How can I order Subway delivery in Брашов?
To order your Subway delivery in Брашов, all you have to do is open the Glovo website or app and go to “Быстрое обслуживание” category. Next, enter your address to see if delivery for Subway is available in your area of Брашов. Then you can choose the products you want and add them to your order. Once you complete the payment, your order will start to be prepared and soon after a courier will bring it directly to your door.
What can I order in Subway in Брашов?
Subway offers a big variety of items you can order. Take a look at the product list and choose what you would like to order from Subway.
How much does Subway delivery in Брашов cost?
In order to see how much the delivery from Subway in Брашов costs, see the delivery fee at the top of the page. You will also be able to see it in the breakdown of costs before placing your order.
Is Subway available in Prime?
Нет. Prime is Glovo’s subscription program where you get unlimited free deliveries from some of our partners and other benefits!
When can I order delivery from Subway?
During Subway’s working hours you can place your order at any time. Thanks to our speedfast delivery you will be able to enjoy your glovo within minutes! You can also schedule your delivery to a time that would be convenient for you, even if the store is currently closed.