Grocery delivery in Serbia

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Have you ever realised that you’re missing eggs or salt while cooking? Or dreamed of someone bringing you groceries when you’re sick? Or been in any other situation when you just don’t feel like leaving the house, and a grocery delivery would come in handy? Well, Glovo’s here to help!

You can now order your grocery delivery through Glovo. Choose all the products you like from a wide variety offered by our partner stores, and we’ll bring them to you within minutes! And you can also decide which grocery store nearby you’d like to order from. It’s just as easy as it sounds! 

To have your groceries delivered to you, you only need to enter your delivery address and choose a shop near you. Then you can browse through available products: from fruits and vegetables to bread and drinks. Select the items you’d like to order and complete the checkout. Your grocery delivery from Glovo will soon arrive on your doorstep!

Grocery delivery in Serbia

Stores offering grocery delivery in Serbia

The stores that work with Glovo do not only guarantee a fast completion of your order, but also a wide variety of products. You can check how many products are available on their product lists - you’ll be impressed! Just browse through them and choose what you’d like to order.

You can forget about carrying heavy bags or running around town to find everything you need for your recipe. Glovo will solve those problems for you. With our easy-to-use app and website and fast delivery service, you’ll be able to order all the groceries you need. Just use Glovo and your grocery delivery will be with you in no time!

Stores offering grocery delivery in Serbia

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FAQs about grocery delivery

How to order groceries for delivery with Glovo?

Ordering grocery delivery with Glovo is very easy! Just select the “Grocery” category and decide which store you want to order from. You can start adding products to your cart by clicking the “+” sign. Then, all you have to do is confirm the delivery address and that’s it! The store will start preparing your order right away!

How much does home delivery of groceries cost?

The cost of delivery varies from store to store. You can check the cost of delivery for each store once you visit the “Grocery” section of our app or website. You’ll also be able to check the cost of delivery in the breakdown of costs before confirming your order.

Who does home delivery of groceries?

Glovo does! Using our app or website, you can order grocery delivery from stores around you. Check out which stores offer grocery delivery near you!

Is there a minimum order amount for Groceries delivery?

Each store has different rules regarding the minimum order amount. Click on the name of the store to see if there’s a minimum order amount. Some stores may impose an additional fee for orders below a certain threshold.