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Nothing will cool you down on a hot summer day as well as some delicious ice cream! But ice cream isn’t just for the summer: you can have it as a dessert after dinner or eat it while watching your favourite movie!

With Glovo, you can order ice cream delivery brought directly to your door! You can choose from lots of flavours, from classic ice cream to sorbets. What’s more, as well as ice cream, sometimes you can order cones or toppings like cookies, sprinkles or chocolate or caramel sauce. 

Ice cream delivery is a great way to enjoy the best gelato in town from the comfort of your home. Check out the ice cream shops in your area to find out which delicious flavours you can order!

Ice cream delivery

Top ice cream parlors

Stores offering ice cream delivery in Ukraine

Since there are lots of ice cream lovers in Ukraine, there are also lots of ice cream shops offering ice cream delivery with Glovo! 

There are also places with different ways of producing ice cream, like frozen yoghurt stores or vegan ice cream parlours. Some also offer other cold desserts, such as açaí bowls, slushies or horchata. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find something to your liking!

To check which restaurants are available in your area, simply enter your delivery address. You’ll then be able to browse the stores offering ice cream delivery and order some to enjoy at home!

Stores offering ice cream delivery in Ukraine

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FAQs about ice cream delivery

Is it possible to order ice cream delivery with Glovo?

Yes it is! With Glovo you can order ice cream from the best gelaterias in town! The ice cream shop will pack the ice cream into a box of the right size. 

Some stores also let you order a cone to have the best experience of eating ice cream like in a traditional gelateria, but from the comfort of your home.

How can I order ice cream delivery in Ukraine with Glovo?

All you need to do is enter your address and select the store from which you’d like to order your ice cream delivery. After adding items to your order, just confirm your order and check out. 

We guarantee that it’s all very easy. The most difficult part will be choosing the flavour of ice cream! 

What are the best ice cream shops near me offering delivery?

To see the ice cream shops in your area from which you can order ice cream delivery, just enter your address. You’ll then be able to browse the available stores and order your glovo!

What kind of ice cream can I order in Ukraine?

The best thing about ice cream is the variety of flavours! And there are so many of them available on Glovo! You can order any of the ice cream types and flavours available in ice cream stores near you and enjoy them at home.