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More information about Glovo Prime

How do I subscribe to Glovo Prime?
Use the “Get Prime now” button on this page or access the Glovo Prime screen through the Menu in the Glovo app.
How do I cancel my Glovo Prime subscription?
To manage your subscription, install the Glovo mobile app. You can access your Prime screen from the app’s menu.
When will I be charged for next month?
Glovo Prime renewal happens monthly. To check the exact date access the Glovo Prime screen in the Glovo app.
I have a Glovo Prime promo code. How do I apply it?
You can add the promo code both in the app and on the Glovo website. On the website, open your profile dropdown and look for the “promo codes” section. In the mobile app, the “promo codes” screen can be opened from the menu.