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Alcohol delivery in Fuengirola

Frequent questions about Alcohol in Fuengirola

How can I order alcohol delivery in Fuengirola?

Ordering alcohol delivery in Fuengirola with Glovo is very simple! You just need to open the Glovo app or website and enter your address. You can then browse the stores available in the “Alcohol” category.

Once you decide what products you’d like to buy, just add them to your order and finalise the payment. Our courier will deliver your glovo straight to your door!

You’ll also need to confirm that you’re of legal age.

Users who place an order that includes the purchase and/or delivery of alcoholic drinks through the platform must be of legal age. When placing an order that includes alcoholic drinks, the User confirms that they are of at least the legal age.

Glovo reserves the right to refuse the order for the purchase and/or delivery of alcohol to any person who is unable to prove that they are of at least the legal age.

How much does alcohol delivery in Fuengirola cost?

The cost of alcohol delivery in Fuengirola varies from store to store. It depends on many factors, such as the distance from the store. You can always see an estimated cost of delivery for each store before placing an order - at the top of the page and before checkout.

How long will it take for my alcohol delivery to arrive?

The delivery time might differ depending on the store, the time of day and many other factors. Before choosing the store, you can see the expected delivery time. You can also schedule the delivery for a given time, depending on the store’s opening hours.